A Few New Things…

Guten… evening… I’m sorry, my german isn’t that good!

Anyway, feeling very ASDFLJASDF today, so just a couple of new things for you!

Al Vulo has a new skin out! This is Livia Fairy, such a GORGEOUS skin, so smooth, so pretty!  The face is ADORABLE, the lips are smoochable… it’s just all over one of those skins you either love… or hate.   The fatpack comes with 12 skins, each “face” has 2 different looks to it.   Yes, before anyone pitches a fit, there is a “beaten up” skin, but you don’t HAVE to wear it, I just wanted to show what came in the pack, it’s not the first, it won’t be the last!

There is a lovely selection of makeups from darker,  goth style lips to perfect nudes, shimmering eyes to barely there browns.. there is a mix for all.  The fatpack option comes with a pair of eyes (with mesh included), mesh lashes, eyeliner tattoo options (not shown), hairbases, and each skin comes in brow choices of blonde, dark and red (blonde shown here) andddd cleavage options too!  So you get a pretty full pack.

I, personally, am in love… you should totally demo them!

New @ Al Vulo

Lame is a new furniture store (well, at least to me, and I believe generally!).  This is the Charlotte Bistro Set! It comes with table, 2 tall chairs and 2 mugs that read Lame-o and Lamerton!! hahaha.  It’s a cute set that would look great in any dining room, patio, or even out on the lawn!  It’s mod so you can tint/rexture/whatever you want to do to it, which is always a bonus, but remember if you resize mesh items they may  have a higher LI!

Also the shirt I am wearing in this picture is from FAIR and is by Gotzsche (I can never spell that) and it’s so lovely, I paired it with the BOOM Tweed Pants and Deck Shoes and I feel all homely!

New @ Lame - 1

This is Teas Couch and and Teas Table, also from Lame! The couch, shown here in red, but available in many colours, is ADORABLE!!!  The cushions change texture too, so you can mix and match each individual one, with quite a few colours to choose from!  I will admit, I had trouble sitting on the couch, I don’t know why, but SL isn’t being very kind to me today, but it is animated with various single and couple poses for both females and males, and it seats more than one!

Will be keeping an eye on this “lame” store, for sure ❤

New @ Lame - 2

For now, I leave you! BAI


Hair:  Elikatira | Balance | Brown 01
Eyes:  Delusions | Balance & Truth Eyes | Indecisive *Zodiac*
Top:  Gotzsche | Cotton Tee | Grey Plain *FAIR*
Pants:  BOOM | Fall Tweed Pants II | Smoke
Shoes:  BOOM | Deck Shoes | Mute

All SLURLS at Store Locations ❤

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