Playing catchup!!!

I have not been on SL for the last few days, so now I am having to play catch up before I get lost in a sea of OMG I WANTED TO BLOG THIS! So you guys get a pic heavy/text light(ish) post!

OK! First we have just a handful of the new tees available from BOOM!  There are 99 in total (YES, NINETY NINE) including countries, solid colours, skulls, motifs.. it’s just BOOM Tee city!  These babies are mesh and come up just under your bust/above your midriff, so they look super cute with jeans, or a skirt, or well.. anything really!  I  chose to show off the new Truth FADES with these in one of his new styles.   Yep, Truth has hopped aboard the fade train, much to everyones delight and as you can see there are a fair few to choose from!

New @ Boom | Truth

The skin I am wearing above, and shown here below is the new Gabriela Skin from JeSyLiLo, i’m not convinced it looks all that wonderful on me, but it’s a very unique skin imo, it isn’t babyfaced, it isn’t totally mature, it’s just… different!  It comes with the makeups shown below in both freckles and non freckled versions and you get some makeup layers (like the black lipstick above) and teeth etc to really make the look your own!

New @ JeSyLiLo - Gabriela

Also new from the skin world are these PXL Gacha skins.  Available in an array of fantasy themes/colours, these skins are really very sweet.  The top right reminds me of the Kate Vampire skin a bit, and the bright red one reminds me of a skin I wore about 7 years ago in SL from Nomine! I was red for quite some time!!!  Fantasy skins aren’t really something I have a lot of, but I am finding more and more useful as I try and branch out of my comfort zone a bit! at $L99 a play, can you afford not to grab a few?

New @ PXL Gacha

The Dead Cool Hunt starts today, and these are available from Cracked Mirror, 4 mesh motif tee’s, thankfully there was no spider one, or I might have had to punch cracked on the nose (with love).  I am particularly taken with the Zombie one! HE’S LOOKING AT YOUUUUUU!!!   I decided to cute it up a bit with the Ambrosia hair from LOQ that is availabe at TDRb.  The hair comes with lace bunny ears, NEED I SAY MORE??!!?!?  It’s not mesh though, so the ponytail might poke through your shoulder in certain poses (we have become spoilt, right?) but HI. LACE BUNNY EARS.  The skin is also from TDRb and is from Atomic!

New @ Cracked Mirror & TDRb

FINALLY!  The Mons dress from TDRb paired with the new Ploom hair!   2 new hairs from Hely today, two big and beautiful styles in all the usual colour combinations!  Both are mesh and both are super cute.  I find that Ploom always tends to satisfy my “not quite regular big but a bit bigger than big” hair woes, kinda fantasy big hair if you will! LOVE THEM!!!   The dress is super cute from MONS and comes in standard sizes and you will be just as dotty (har har) about it as I am!   I decided to finish off the look with the new Baiastice Bootie!

New @ Mons | Ploom

The Amina Platform Boot comes in both rigged and unrigged versions and in various colours, and four prints!  The detailing is gorgeous, the booties are amazing, and they will be on my feet a lot in the upcoming winter months!

New @ Baiastice

As usual, ALL Slurls are on the Store Locations page you can find at the top of my blog ❤



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