Happy Halloween!

Happy 31st October, GUYS!!! I haven’t been in SL much the past few days, but I did take this pic a couple days ago and wanted to blog it, and today it seems fitting!

Have a great Halloween and enjoy yourselves, whether you’re hiding indoors like me (my kids are away with my parents *tear*) or you’re out roaming the streets trying to work out if you have an actual toffee apple, or an onion dipped in chocolate!

Rawr... or somethingCredits

Hair: Alice Project | Willow
Eyes: FATEeyes
Skin: Nomine | Vampire Skin | Lunch
Mouth: Gauze | Nightmare
Collar: Black Widow *Costume Ball*

LoTD – Sn@tch Style and a bit of Baffle!

A few things for you guys this time around! I’ll try not to waffle on much ūüėÄ

First off this first picture¬†encapsulates¬†the wonderful events¬†going¬†on at the moment and what you can gain from them (in exchange for lindens, obvs)! ¬†This beautiful arrangement of giant clock, chairs, rug, vase and cup of steaming coffee is available from this months FAIR event, and is from Baffle! ¬†It is a posed set, so you can sit down and watch time idle away before your very eyes, or you can put the clock on the wall and pretend you’re very tiny, whichever works better for you! ¬†The stunning coat I am wearing is from Baiastice and was one of the Cinema items that they offered, it’s absolutely wonderful. ¬†It’s not normally my thing, maybe, but I did fall in love. ¬†It comes with matching hat too, if you want to wear it and is available in many colours, I had to go traditional tweed tho. I really did! ¬†Finally the shoes that you can’t see very well (sorry, I did take a close up but it went all wonky) are from Ingenue and are for this months Zodiac Event! ¬† The skin is from Leverocci and is also an event item, you can get that at The Costume Ball! ¬†So there you have it, a bunch of events bringing you a bunch of goodies, whodda thunk it?

Fair | Cinema | Zodiac Goodies

Next is a real quick LoTD style post, with MORE event goodies. YEP! ¬†This whole ensemble is rom Sn@tch, well the top and the jeans, and they are NEW items… which are excluded from the huge Sn@tch sale going on right now, BUT… I did pick up a bunch of other awesome, reduced price items!! ¬†I just couldn’t resist these too! I adore these jeans like whoa, and they aren’t even mesh! Get me.. oldskool Willis rocking the texture! ūüėõ ¬† The earrings I am wearing are from Glow Studios and are available TDRb, a close up of those below. ¬† The skin, once again is the Jem skin from Leverocci, a beautiful, whimsical looking skin, makes me look very smooth and young!

LoTD - Sn@tch Style!

The hair is from LoQ and is also a TDRb item, and as you can see, it’s a simple pony, and you get the fatpack for just $L70! ¬†I can’t get over how much I love these earrings either, I’m not a huge statement jewellery type person, but these definitely fell into my love pile.

Leverocci @ Costume Ball

So there you go, a handful of gorgeousness almost ALL from Events.  Who says events are bad? pfft.

Credits for LoTD Picture

Skin: Leverocci | Jem | Pale *The Costume Ball*
Hair: LOQ | Vanilla Tart | Black *TDRb*
Nails: TGIS | Glitter Nail Collection
Earrings: Glow Studio | Secret Earrings *TDRb*
Eyes: Sorry.Asia | Never | Emerald
Top: Sn@tch | Sienna Halter | Pewter
Jeans: Sn@tch | Sacrifice Jeans | Silver *NEW*
Boots: Leverocci | Range Boots | Coal
Pose: *Frooti

Credits for Time is Running Out Picture

Props: Baffle | Time is Running Out *Fair*
Hair: LOQ | Vanilla Tart | Black *TDRb*
Skin: Leverocci | Jem | Pale *The Costume Ball*
Coat: Baiastice | Edy | Tweed/Choco *Cinema*
Shoes: Scorpius | Sepia *Zodiac*

Sunday Sunday.. Gotta Get Down on SUNDAY!

FIRST!  New at What Next for Lazy Sunday are these AWESOME prints!!!  I love them, I love things in frames, I like to shove them everywhere (not there, perv)!  There are a good variety available, and you can also get four of them in a set of four (the bottom right).  They say the cutest, loveliest things and you need to go and buy them all. NOW.

Lazy Sunday @ What Next

NOW… 5 million new hairs, and I haven’t even snapped ALL of them! ¬†Here are Truth’s three new hairs. ¬†All lovely, all mesh, all very different! ¬† Meet Ariel, Rebel and Josie. ¬†Ariel and Josie both have a lil braiding going on for that calming boho vibe, well at least in my head. ¬†Rebel is the kind of hair I’d expect mine to look like in the mornings, and get very disappointed when it is not like that at all, all poofy and blown out and well tamed. ¬†Yeah, that doesn’t happen in RL for me :(. ¬† All three are ADORABLE, but i think Ariel is my fav of the bunch!

New @ Truth

Skin | Mons ** Apparel | Auxiliary

Next we have three more new releases from Exile! Breathe Me, One and Only and Almost Had You are all mesh hairs, and all gorgeous, as per usual. ¬†I think my fav might be Almost Had You, it looks like an updo, but it’s long at the back, so it’s an up and a down do! ¬†The other two styles are similar in the way they are long, wavy and sexy! ¬† I do love all three of them tho, Kavar is really rocking the mesh and his fades are STILL my favs!!!

New @ Exile

Skin | Mons ** Apparel | Auxiliary

Two new styles from Ploom also, hair makers are spoiling us this week! ¬† Meet Jemma and Kami! ¬† I looooove Jemma! Such a sassy style, a big, poofy pony with super long bangs on the side, I do like a bit of a whimsical style now and then! ¬† ¬†I also love Kami, but I’m not entirely sure it’s very me but it’s tres cute with it’s braid across the forehead, I am loving all these braids!

New @ Ploom

Skin | Mons ** Apparel | G-Field

Last but by no means least, Skins from Reila!!! ¬† Again, I am not entirely sure they are me, but I am trying to diversify a bit and make myself step out of my comfort zone, try new things, gather new looks… The skin itself is gorgeous, but the lips on my shape are not quite right. ¬†I did play around a bit with them but I think they are meant to be hugely pouty, they did grow on me tho, and I was particularly taken with the Group Gift Halloween Skin (the Charcoal one). ¬† ¬†Reila skins strike me as skins for people who like something a lil different, a little out of the ordinary, the colours are striking and I will definately be persevering with trying to get my face to fit them!!!

New @ Reila & Halloween!

All the poses I used during these shots were from Ploom also!

All SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page in one place for ease and… stuff

Lazy Sundayyyy

This is my version of Lazy Sunday.. I might of had a tipple too far last night, but I wanted to blog as I didn’t get a chance yesterday, so a quick look of the day, a spooky one!

I had to go and pick up the free, halloween themed items from G-Field and whilst I was there I spent a ton on all the black items on sale! Yep, at the minute, all black/orange items are reduced in a Halloween special sale! WEEEE! ¬†Of course I have these boots in other colours, but the kooky spiders pulled me in and I NEEDED these, the dress is a new release and you can buy it in the store in “normal” colours, I really love this halloween style tho, such a lovely, unusual gift!

LoTD - 28/10/12

The hair is new from Wasabi Pills for The Costume Ball and is a stunner!  A high pony with the cutest bow that you can change with HUD controls, simple but gorgeous!  Really digging it!  Also new is this Lal skin from MONS! Available in three tones, this is Tan.   I do love the puckered lips that MONS gives me, so kissable, so cute!  These are the makeups available and each skin comes with various brows and 2 cleavage options.  Each time MONS releases a new skin I am impressed with the detail, they just keep on improving!

New @ Mons

Bai for now, I need my couch.


Hair:  Wasabi Pills | Christy | Cinnamon *Costume Ball*
Eyes:  Ikon | Sunrise | Lagoon
Skin:  MONS | Lal | Tan | Winter
Dress:  G-Field | Vivian | Halloween *Free*
Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui | Key Necklace *Zodiac*
Hands:  Slink | Mesh Hands
Boots:  G-Field | Will | Halloween *Free*
Pose:  *Frooti

SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page

WoC2: Ghost White

They did it again. The last time this happened, I was forced to maintain my composure while flanked by giggling bananas. This time, the both of them turned up as the long dead and nobody told me about it, so here I am in my carefully colour-matched finery, surrounded by sniggering spectres. We are not amused.

From left to right, no sign of Willis, my poor, abused self and Arbers returning to haunt me.

WoC2: Ghost White

Credits (left to right):

Izzies | 80s Sunglasses

Skin: Glam Affair – Ginny
Hair: Elikatira – Wherever
Dress: Ducknipple – Kafka
Jewellery: Izzie’s – White Stone

Halloween Ghost : Salve (on marketplace)

The Key to my Heart…

… well that isn’t up for grabs! BUT… this gorgeous Key Necklace from Lassitude & Ennui is!

Jackal made this stunning piece of mesh work for the newest round of Zodiac, held on the Mint Tulip sim! ¬†It comes in a variety of ¬†colours, I opted for the Silver/Red (the red is the gem in the centre). This is SUCH a gorgeous necklace, and I know quite a few ppl that are suckers for anything Necklace related, so I imagine this is a huge hit! ¬† The craftmanship is¬†phenomenal¬†and it’s a wonderful addition to a great Zodiac round!

New @ Lassitude & Ennui

My skin, which I have grown rather partial to, is from Al Vulo and was the Limited Bazzar item! I am not sure if there are any left, but I know that I am glad I got one! Soooo pretty, and hauntingly beautiful and pale! ¬† I thought the A:S:S “Tears in your Eyes” set would look great with this, and I was right. ¬†It comes with Tear tattoos and you can probably click through to the bigger picture to see a better picture of those! ¬†Finally, I needed a dress and some hair, I could think of NO better hair than the Teeloh hair from Wasabi Pills to obtain the look I was going for, and the stunning mesh “Cry Baby” dress from Schadenfreude for Collabor88 in this striking Blood Orange colour! ¬†To top the look off nicely I finished with the Mandala Mesh Ears, which had a gorgeous orange metal and stone to match my freshly squeezed look!

SLURLS found on the Store Locations Page


Hair:  Wasabi Pills | Teeloh | Iceberg
Eyes:  A:S:S | Tears in your Eyes | Umber
Tears: A:S:S | Tears in Your Eyes
Ears:  Mandala | Steking
Skin:  Al Vulo | Eleonor | Vampire Doll | Unreal Pale *LIMITED BAZZAR*
Dress:  Schadenfreude | Cry Baby Leopard Dress | Blood Orange *COLLABOR88*
Necklace:  Lassitude & Ennui РScorpio Key Necklace | Silver/Red *ZODIAC*
Pose:  *Frooti

A Darker Shade of Elegance

If you’ve a penchant for the more macabre shades of glamour, you might want to pay a visit to The Costume Ball, open from now until the day after Halloween. Whether you’re looking for an elegant way to celebrate the Halloween season or, like me, you can’t resist a sweep of red lipstick against a dress as black as sin, I think you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Costume Ball

Of course, it’s always nice to have somewhere to lollygag in a ladylike manner once you’re all dressed up, and the Harvest Night Gazebo by Cheeky Pea, shown above, is just one of the alternatives on offer. The dress, called Black Widow, is by Happy Undead and is also available as a corset; its without a doubt my new go-to formal attire, Halloween or otherwise.

Costume Ball

No outfit is complete without a brand new skin and, once again, the Costume Ball is happy to oblige. Though I find rich scarlet lipstick like those on Pink Fuel’s Femme Fatale skins (left) irresistible, the Fuyu skins from Izzie’s (centre) are a soft temptation all of their own. Alternatively, the Dia de los Muertos tattoo masks, which come in two varieties with added hair flower, may be your Halloween cup of tea. Happily, the Monster mesh eyes by Ziau work with whichever choice you make.

Costume Ball

If you like to dress up your home up as much as yourself, Senzafine’s “Nevermore” parlour set creates a suitably dark and decadent ambience. I don’t recommend wearing the Gothic Dress from Rotten Defiance while moving the furniture, mind you – best saved for the evening’s events. Although, when paired with Evolve’s “The Puppeteer” pose set, it does give a whole new meaning to the idea of hanging around in your best frock.

New @ Erratic & Essences | Sale & RedMint!


Just a super quick post on the fly to say there is a WONDERFUL new jacket out at Erratic and a humongous sale on at RedMint!

The sale at RedMint runs through until the end of October and ALL Hair is up to 50% off, including mesh and newer releases and any older ones you want to pick up, I choose two of my favs and newer mesh hairs to showcase for this post! Make sure you stop by and check them out!

New @ Erratic

Erratic is a store that popped up, blew our minds, and has kept on blowing them! ¬†This newest release is just amazing. ¬†It’s a cropped leather biker jacket and it comes in alllll the colours of the rainbow and MORE! I opted for a classic black look for these pictures, but I know the bright ones are going to be used again and again and again!!

Red Mint SALE!

The skin I am wearing is from Essences and is the Scorpio skin for Zodiac!  Scorpia is a really nice bare style skin that comes with a variety of brow colours and two cute blushes.   A really natural looking one!  Essences skins look great on my shape, and this is no exception.  Make sure you check it out before this round of Zodiac ends!

All SLURLS are on the Store Locations ‚̧




You get a BOOM… Headshot kinda picture today!

This hair is NEW from Alice Project for The Costume Ball Event! ¬†Demonia is a Cyberdread style (I made that word up, is it real??!) It comes in two bits, the base with goggles, and the actual dreads (or “lox”) themselves! ¬† You can change both parts different, and you can even have a billionty different (ok just a few) colours of dreads if you want! ¬† There are a variety of sections you can choose to click to change colour, on the very detailed HUD! ¬†The textures are also changeable, but SL was being a bit of a dillhole and wouldn’t let me.

CStar Skins | Nante Collar | Alice Project Hair @ Costume Ball
The skin is from CStar as is the Miss Scorpio Skin. ¬†CStar do a different skin, each month, and puts them in a Gacha machinet at just $L10 a pop, the price goes up by $L1 per day after that and there are around 70 odd different skins to collect. ¬†They all have the same makeups but come in different tones too! ¬†The great thing I love about CStar is that they will buy your unwanted Gacha items back FROM you for a certain price if you like and there are various areas around the gacha machines with unwanted items that are now set for sale, including some super rares, and older skins too! ¬† I couldn’t resist getting this one, with the blood stain, the eyes are a bit bolder than I’d normally go, and the lips are pouty, but hey.. a girl has to look¬†different¬†sometimes! ¬† The final item is from Nantes, a new store on the block and this is the Creep Collar! ¬† It comes in a handful of colours, but the black worked for me. ¬†It’s mesh, it’s cute.. and it’s also creepy as it has teeny tiny spider webs on the edges!!!!

That’s it for now, folks!

SLURLS can be found on the STORE LOCATIONS Page at the top of the blog for all your SLURL needs in one place  (well most of them)

A Concerto of Awesome

That title really doesn’t work, but it’s there, so you’ll have to deal with it!

This gorgeous Piano pose prop is one of !bang’s Cinema item and I am just now getting around to getting it out of my inventory, I thought it would look perfect with my new dress from 22769 and I couldn’t resist trying to take a pic a bit out of my comfort zone AKA: not in my skybox LOL! ¬†So I popped it down on my decking and took in the beautiful surroundings, sadly I had to do this all alone *foreveraloneteardrop*, but this Piano is built for two baby! ¬†It comes with a variety of poses, and they work for couples too! ¬†Lovely jubbly.

!bang @ Cinema and stuffies!

I couldn’t justify just leaving that picture without getting a few better snaps of my outfit and ensemble! ¬† So… this is the 22469 dress for Zodiac, it comes in four different variations and I fell in LOVE with it as soon as I saw it, it’s so gorgeous and different! I am not a huge “dressy” person, but this… this is fab. ¬†I paired it with the new booties available from Decoy, also a Zodiac item, you’ll find a bit more about them at the bottom of the blog! ¬† ¬†I haven’t taken off my Pink Fuel skin (well I have, but I soon put it back on) from Costume Ball yet.. IT IS SO EFFIN GORGEOUS! I CANNOT DEAL! and I squee’d earlier when Hely posted a teaser of the Costume Ball hair so I have that on too!

22769 @ Zodiac & Costume Ball Stuffies

The hair comes in two variations, with and without mask, in all the usual colours and gorgeousness. ¬† You also get a solitary mask to wear with the without version, but I wanted a clean shot of my face. ¬† An absolutely STUNNING hair, and the mask is colour change so you can match it to anything really and it’s glittery. YOU HEAR ME PEEPS? GLITTERY!!! ¬†A fantabulous updo for any occasion, but I really do think it tops this look off perfectly.

Ploom @ Costume Ball

The booties from Decoy are some stunning pieces of meshwork, they really are! I am amazed more and more each day by what can be done with mesh, and these are no exception!  Highly detailed and stunning, they come in three colour choices: Red, Brown and Black, each colour pair has two sipper choices: Regular and Zodiac.  The only thing I would change about these shoes, is to have an option of gold or silver zipper detail and studs, I am not a huge gold fan, but that is the most miniscule of detailing and definitely nothing to put me off them! NO!

Decoy @ Zodiac

Store/Event SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page ‚̧