Halloween.. It’s coming…

Yep! It’s almost Halloween time!

PXL are releasing these Halloween Gacha skins and I was lucky enough to be honoured with a preview!  There are 8 skins in total and this time the skins are on one of the PXL skins that suits me the best: Kate!

It’s not just the faces, there are tattoo’d bodies too, so it’s a bit more than just a “face on a skin”!

PXL & 1BP!

There is a gorgeous butterfly type makeup, followed by a gothic style bright white face with dark eyes and ribcage tattoo, then you get a cute skin with floral type eyemakeup and tattoos, then the “joker” with an Ace card for an eye and puckered heart lips.

On the second row you see a “cracked” type skin with some stripey lips, a smeared face showing teeth (my personal fav), a sugar skull type jobby complete with super tattoos and then a smiling skull!

I really adore the Kate skin, it really is the PXL skin that suits my face the most, and we all know I do not mod this face for NOTHING!  So I am excited that Hart released this in Kate!!  You may also notice the super tops I am wearing, these are some of the oodles of colours available of the One Bad Pixel latest release.

These Satin Halters are simply divine, the texturing is spot on, the shimmer is amazing and the choice of colours/patterns is nothing to be sniffed at!  Well worth a looksy.

As usual, all SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page at the top of the blog ❤


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