Shhhh… It’s Sunday

So, here we are again!

We have two looks of the day here, in a bid to catch up on my bloggity blogging!  Both of them use the AWESOME new poses from Ploom that are out for My Attic, complete with Raven (or Crow?) Prop!   First up we have the gorgeous new dress from 22769 that is available for this months FAIR, a gorgeous, silky Mesh number that is strapless and sexayyyy.   Gorgeous.  I thought the colours were really vibrant and matched the Ploom skin available from Cinema perfectly, so I put that on too – It’s called Tragedy and it’s available in both black/red (eyes) and various tones!  Also seen are some ripped stockings that are also available at FAIR from So Many Styles, they come in various colours and on all layers plus tattoo, always a bonus, and one of the 2 gorgeous Clawtooth styles still available from Collabor88!  The gorgeous necklace is from Glow Studio and is available at Cinema too!

New @ FAIR & Stuff

This is my 2nd LoTD for today and is revolving around the Lazy Sunday dress from Evolve!  This Prairie Dress is so cute!  It comes in various colours and as it’s mesh it comes in various sizes too, I loved the Onyx, so that’s what I rolled with!  A cute short but sophisticated number with puffy arms and a cute collar!  I think it looks great with the My Attic Ploom Hair, yep Ploom have been SUPER busy it seems!  This bunches style gives a lil bit of sassy cute to my “I’m so innocent” look, right? RIGHT!  The skin is the Lazy Sunday item for JeSyLiLo and I am in love with it, srsly.  I don’t know if i’ll ever take it off (I will, I’m adding dramatic effect).

Lazy Sunday @ Evolve & New @ Ploom!

Both pictures utilise the Slink Mesh Hands, because they look sooooooo good, it’s hard NOT to wear them now.

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