It’s SCORPIO time!

A bit like Rico time, only like… 400000% better.  Hottie Cooterati’s Zodiac event starts it’s newest round today with Scorpio!  As you can imagine there are a fair few “Scorpion” inspired bits and bobs, as well as mucho other gorgeous items.  Here are just a couple to start coverage of Zodiac off on What *IS* Willis Talkin’ About?!

Coming Today @ Zodiac

This gorgeous necklace is from A:S:S and is called, aptly: Serket’s Servant.  It comes in Black and White and also with and without sting, as soon as I saw teasers for it I knew I had to have it!  It’s that little bit different, but a whole lot of sexy!   It goes perfectly with the new Alice Project Hair that is going to be available there: Steph!  This is Steph II, obviously you have probably worked out there is a Steph I!  This version is sans bangs, and it’s a beautiful flowing style, that comes in various sizes (it’s mesh) and it’s an infinity style, so works with any HUDs you have that run on Infinity system or any you might want to go and buy!

The pose I am in, which you can’t really see all that well, but I can ASSURE you is awesome, is part of one of the two sets that aDORKable has out for the event, it’s from the Provocative Pack, which includes 6 (plus mirror) sexy poses in a variety of lying down and kneeling positions (Gus.. NO -.-).

The skin is Izzie’s FUYU Skin from the Costume Ball that I blogged yesterday and the eyes are are part of a set from Delusions that are at Zodiac also!  The set of eyes comes with various colours included, and includes prim parts! (mesh, prim, whatever!… EYEBALLS PPL).

Head to the STORE LOCATIONS page at the top of the blog to get your clicking finger ready with the SLURL!

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