Wednesday’s Child…

… is full of grace. WELP, that’s not me then *buarts*… that’s a.. well I don’t think I need to explain what it is. I may not be a lady sometimes, but I do try and look like one, upon occasion, this is such an occasion.

I love this headpiece from Pididdle, it was recently set out at a discounted price for My Attic, and I fell in love.  It’s a bit large, it’s a flower, and it’s not terribly Willisesque, but I think it makes a stunning addition to the look I tried to cobble together today!  I don’t know if these are out in the main Pididdle store yet, but I hope they soon will be!   I am also wearing the new Elikatira release: Interrupt!  There is a tale of woe and misery and broken harddrives behind the name, all of which I pined throughout for Elika to come online and get the hair rigged and sorted, and yesterday it happened!

It’s such a beautiful style, a long loose braid, and the back is just as gorgeous with a bit of a bouffant braiding going on, loosely relaxing on the nape of your neck, a really nice detail, I thought.  I paired it with the Wednesday Outfit from Shabby Cat, which is an ode to Wednesday Addams, one assumes!  It is a pretty little mesh number complete with socks, that you can’t see *helpful face*, and finally the new awesome piercing from Cute Poison!  Sae is ROCKING the piercings lately, and always has done, I remember Sae from way back when we were noobs, and she was just as talented then as she is now! I love her piercings as they are colour change, so I made this pretty cross all pink and sparkly, like my massive flower headpiece! TADA!  Look complete.  Well.. as soon as I popped on the Al Vulo skin, that is.  She just tops the look off perfectly.

Wednesdays Child

Also new, and again a little late for the Halloween type centrepiece here… This is the Anne skin from Reila, these are just 7 of the 12 skins available, all in this tone.   The lips on this Reila Skin are a LOT better on me than the previous skin I blogged, and less pouty, although I do think I could work on them some more, but overall I’m pretty happy with how this fit on Willis with no tweaking.  There are various makeups available, from barely there to more flamboyant butterfly eyes or flowers, or my fav, the bloody masterpiece!  You get the eyes I am wearing, a cleaveage/non cleavage skin and teeth tattoo with all purchases too!

New @ Reila Skins - Anne

SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page!

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