Friday Friday.. gotta post a blog on Friday!

Happy FRIDAY everyone!!!  I have a few bits and bobs for you today, and a sneaky little peek!

This beauty is coming soon (really soon I hope!) from Adam & Eve! Sachi asked if I would like a little look and of course I said HELLS YES (more politely).  I think this skin from A&E is the ever fit on my shape, I haven’t touched a thing, I rarely do for skins, if they don’t fit my face, they don’t get purchased, so I was SUPER excited that these look gorgeous and I hope there are tons more tones and makeups to come!   Here are just five of the makeups, all very sweet, a few barely there, a couple brighter, all sexy!    I am also wearing the dimple tattoo that comes with them!

Preview | Adam & Eve | Disa!

The piercing you can see above is the Cute Poison hunt gift for The Dirty Turkey Hunt!  It’s a Depraved Nation hunt and it looks very promising if these piercings are anything to go by!   They come in both male and female sizings and are super easy to adjust, and you can turn the shadow on and off too!

There was a huuuuge coldLogic release that I didn’t get around to blogging yet, so here it is!  A plethora of snug, warm, cozy, gorgeous dresses for us girlies!  There are four different types, a v neck, a deeper v neck, a cowl neck and a turtleneck and each neck comes in various colours and different patterns and all of them look SO effin snuggly and warm that I wished I had them in RL!  a few of them come with belts, but you don’t have to add that on, I only chose to add it on to one dress, but it works with most!

I think my fav has to be the top middle dress with the cute dotty pattern, and possible the bottom left with the scalloped arm and hem detailing, and argghh I love turtlenecks in SL! I feel restricted in RL and claustrophobic, so I live vicariously through my pixelself during winter! LOL

New @ coldLogic

Finally a quick and easy LoTD!  The hair I am wearing is from Exile and was the My Attic item, a cute and simple longer hair with a bit of a kink and a wave! LOVE IT!  The whole ensemble, clothes wise is from Cynful!   The jeans are the Zia 2.0 mesh low riding jeans, and low riding they are!   I paired them with this lace top from there too, which isn’t mesh, just texture and sculpt addons, it hid my butt cleavage well and looked cute, so win win!  The shoes are from Cute Posion also and the pose is from Frooti!

New @ CynfulAll SLURLS are on the Store Locations page ❤