Saturdays are for sleeping…

I wish they were! Instead it’s my lil ones 5th birthday, so whilst she’s with her dad putting her huuuugeee fairy castle together, I hopped on to bring you what I wish I was going to be doing all Saturday, which is having a Duvet Day!!!

Duvet Days consist of sitting around all day in your pjs (or underwear) watching movies and generally being terribly lazy!   So these new PJ sets from CandyDoll were the perfect match for the look I wanted today!  These are just 3 of the sets available, and I think some of the cutest!  Each set comes with nightie, slippers, teddybear and facemask!   I am also wearing in each of the pics the gorgeuos new hairs from Truth, I think my fav has to be Sara on the far left, such an innocent looking style, perfect for me then 😀

New @ Truth  | CandyDoll

Also worn is the new Heidy skin from Essences, this skin is available at The Dressing Room and comes with 3 lipsticks and 3 eyebrow options (light, dark & without), so you can pretty much make a bunch of looks, but this is just the base “dark” brows look, really liking the smooth look of it and the pale lips with the smokeyish eyes!  Ok, that’s it for now, off I go to play princesses in RL for a while 😀

New @ Essences

SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page ❤