Sn@tch yourself a bargain!

Sn@tch is one of those stores in SL that I could spend all day in, and never completely be sure if I own everything, because the releases are so MASSIVE!!   I have put together a bunch of pics from some of the previous recent releases!

The thing I love most about Sn@tch is that it’s not always separates, it’s not always outfits, it’s not always mesh, it’s not always texture, it’s a mixture of ALL of those things!  In the latest release there were a bunch of tops!  My fav has to be the Bebe Knit Polka Dot Top (2nd small pic bottom).  It’s so prettyyyyyyy and it comes with sculpted sleeves that are a lil see through for a hint of sexy.  It also comes in an array of colours, like most Sn@tch releases!  The Emilie Mesh Cashmere Sweater isn’t far behind in the ZOMG love stakes (1st small pic bottom).  This comes with an underlayer to make it look like a sweater with a hem too, and it fits perfectly with the Fiona Mesh Corduroy Skirts!  You can see one of the skirts in the first big picture in the collage, along with another of the awesome top releases, the Star Sweater!

New @ Sn@tch | Ploom

The other items are all bits and bobs, I particularly love the Kirstie Wrapped Top Set (2nd small pic top), in which I have done the opposite to Ivey’s vendor and worn the wrap top UNDER the blouson instead of over it, CONFORMITY ISN’T FOR ME, both tops come in 2 variations of layers so you can go over or under!  On the end we have a cute semi sheer top that comes in an array of colours and would look great with skirt, leggings or well, nothing, if you are feeling frisky!  All of the items are adorable, awesome value for money and something you NEED to own!

These Mesh boots are also from Sn@tch.  The Equinox Boots come in all the flavours shown and are actually AWESOME.  They come in various sizes, and of course there are demos.  They aren’t rigged so you can fiddle about with them too, they mix and match wonderfullly with an array of items from the Sn@tch store, as well as other stores.  I particularly love the glittery star ones, and the black and white ones.  Which flavour is YOUR fave??!

Equinox Boots @ Snatch

The hair I am wearing in the pics are all new hairs from Ploom!   Hanna, Henna and Josie!  A cute piggy style, an updo and a longer style!  All of them are totes adorbs but I think my fave is Hanna, which is the updo!  I love the dips in Ploom styles, but I need to stop wearing crazy colours that don’t match my outfit, although I seem to have forgotten that above, the choice of colour packs are amazing tho, and I love that they are HUD controlled so you don’t have to have 10 hairs sitting in your inventory, just the hair in the size you want, and the HUD! YAY!

Also worn is the new skin from Sui Generis!  She’s probably a little plainer than I normally go for, and I don’t think the lips suit me very well, but I wanted to try and break out of the norm and give it a go!  Hattie is available soon and I think if you demo and love it, you won’t be disappointed, it’s a very well made skin, perhaps not suited to Willis’ shape (and I don’t channnnnge it) but  the shading is awesome, and the choice of tones is wide!

All SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page!


WoC2: Charcoal

Thankfully, everyone turned up in the right colour and with their bodies intact and alive this week. Which was nice. I cannot vouch for the same happening next week, but I have my fingers crossed.

From left to right, myself, Willis and Arbs.

WoC2: Charcoal

Credits (left to right):

Skin: Pink Fuel – Alyx – Siren
Hair: Elikatira – Spark
Top: Ducknipple – Off-Shoulder Vest with Tanktop
Pants: The Sea Hole – Pussy Pushers
Earrings: Artilleri – Teardrops

Skin: Leverocci | Beauty | Jem | Programe | Pale *Costume Ball*
Hair: Amacci | Nami | Grey
Eyes: Sorry.Asia | Boom Boom | Grey
Shirt: Kauna | Open Shirt | Painty
Tie: Lady Loose Tie | Charcoal *Marketplace Freebie*
Bra: CandyDoll | Mushu | Black
Skirt: Stellar | Corduroy Mini Skirt | Black
Pose: *Frooti

jeans: Zaara : 2 Jeans *charcoal* (Classic)
tank: jane- intrinsic.tank- charcoal
top: [Sweetest Goodbye*] OK GO – White + Charcoal
hair: !lamb. Charcoal – Butterfinger
skin: <MARIKO> AMO_M01
eyes: Tuli – intense eyes – green