New @ Laqroki!

Yep, it happened, what we’ve all been waiting for since teasers were released and well, since all of time really…. A SKIN MIX AND MATCH!  Laqroki released the Saga and Elle Skin this past weekend in all their mix and match glory.   What is soooooOOOoOOOooOOooo mix and match about it, you ask?  Well various facial elements of both skins are available on tattoo layers.  The nose, the eyebrows, the eyelids, the mouth (with and without lipgloss) and birthmarks can all be added to each skin, in the corresponding tones, to make a unique skin all of your own!

Lets have a look at the skin tones first, they are obviously the same in each skin, but I wanted to take ALL THE PICS!

This is Saga, followed by Elle (hair is gorgeous and new from DeLa, by the way!).  As you can see the bodies on the skins are pretty much the same, so all you will be really swapping around if you buy either skin, is the facial features.  This is good! It means we aren’t sat going but ohhh Elle has this and Saga has that.. one has better boobs! one has a cuter tummy… the only thing you need worry about is the face, and really, why worry? YOU CAN MIX AND MATCH IT!   It’s a really nice range of tones starting from a nice pale, although not the palest of pales ever.. to a rich, darker brown tone.

Laq: Saga Tones

Laq: Elle Tones

Now, these are the faces.  Elle is first on this one, and Saga second.  I have shown two different tones, might of been better to show the same one, BUT I DIDN’T.   I showed both these faces on plurk and most people liked Saga better on me, I prefer Elle, and some didn’t like either as they thought it changed my face too much, but I am one for liking to think I am unboxable, and can look different every day!  I do find the nose on Saga a bit harsh on my face, it makes my nose appear bigger than it is, and not as rounded, but I still think I can pull it off successfully!  You will notice that both brows differ too, so if you like the harsher brows on Elle, you can put them on Saga! That’s the beauty of it ALL!

Laq: Faces

Anyway, those above are the “base” faces, below I have mix and matched a bit.  Top left is Elle Base | Saga Nose | Saga Eyelids… Top right is Saga Base | Elle Nose | Elle Eyelids… Bottom left is Elle Base  | Saga Lips and Bottom right is Saga Base | Elle Nose | Elle Lips… these are just four of MANY “base” possibilities!  I really like the Elle Nose over the Saga Nose but I really love both Elle and Saga Lips, Elle Eyelids are heavier, darker… more smokey so I like those more too!


Here is a mix and match of some of the makeups available for both lines, just 6 out of various options of eyeshadows, lips and eyeliners!  There are a fair few to choose from ranging from pale nudes to dark beiges, smokey eyes to colourful peacock style eyes… and soon to be added to, I hope!

Laq: Makeup Mix


So as you can see, there is a huge range of possibilities for you if you buy either skin, everything is really affordable too whether you just want one skin, all the skins, both the skins, both of all the skins, a few makeups or the whole shebang, YOU can decide!   Of course what you must remember is to buy the skin in the same tones for BOTH if you want to mix and match!

TP to LAQ and find out if YOU are mix and matchable!

One thought on “New @ Laqroki!

  1. I love the idea behind these skins. I’ve been waiting for something like this. I hope there’s some new versions coming. The only thing I didn’t like was the nostrils and there was a tattoo layer called freckles so why was there a few without the layer? Seemed odd. I hope she releases another soon. Definitely could be good. I think one like Ella, was that one of her previous skins?

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