New @ Ispachi & Izzies!

Helloooo!  I  have been in London ALL DAYYYY, and I am also trying to play blog catch up, once again!   This gorgeous dress was released a few days ago from Ispachi, and it’s SO adorable!  It comes in over a handful of colours, but I opted for a very girly pink!

The Demeter dress is a short knitted style dress, with a texture changing belt, each belt comes in a matching colour to the dress, but you have options to change it a couple of other colours too!  I love the neck on this dress, it’s kinda cowl, kinda turtle… turcowl mayhaps?!   The sleeves are three quarter length, for a bit of a rolled back, it’s warm but not that warm kinda feel and the pockets on the front are just an added cute touch, and yep they are actual pockets, not just a texture slapped on the front!  I was going to showcase all the colours, but  I want you to get on over to Ispachi and I want you to see them and I want you to buy them!!!  You need this dress in your SLife, that isn’t a request, IT’S AN ORDER.

The hair in this picture is a new style from DeLa! I found it on the marketplace and fell in love.  Lana is a cute wavy style with the cutest colour change bow (via HUD), and you can also remove it too, if you don’t want to be extra cute!!!  I purchased the Dipped Party Colours pack, but I might go back for a plain one too, the DPC pack is too hard to pass up, it’s huge and cute!!!   The skin I am wearing is yesterday’s blog coverage skin from LAQ, it’s a mix of Elle and Saga and the cute ring I am wearing is from #Ziau but isn’t out yet, will be soon tho (I think) and you will LOVE it!

New @ Ispachi

Izzies recently released 3 new nail sets!  The Classic Nails Fall/Winter 12 pack, the Long French Nails pack and the Metal Stripe Pack!   I have picked five of my fav colours from each to show you here, but there are TONS on each HUD!   I am normally >.< about long nails both in RL and on SL but these aren’t overkill, or claw like… they’re darn tootin fab!

New @ Izzies

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