It’s a homely affair…

This mornings blog post is focusing on a few homey style products, I’ve fallen into a bit of a rut in SL lately, always blogging clothes, hair, skins… which I love to do! But this focus I want to be on things for the home!

You will probably need to click through to flickr to view the bigger pictures of these for a better idea of what is going on! GOTTA BE FEED COMPLIANT, YO!

This first picture is featuring the gorgeous new home from Kukuvaya, The Elya Home, it’s a hunt item so it’s well worth looking out for! I haven’t taken too many pictures of it, as SL was being a pita and wouldn’t let me take shadow pictures properly OR rez items, so I couldn’t furnish it fully ūüė¶ ¬†It’s a stunning house though, not huge and very open plan with a bit of a 70’s retro throwback feel to it! ¬† A warm and lovely home for a small family or a single person, or a couple (hey, I should start an SL Estate Agency!)… and the items you can see are the new items from Prism.

The Starry Nights set is Van Gogh inspired, the creator.. the lovely Lilly Juno tells me with the blues and swirls and just plan¬†gorgeousness. ¬†I adore the two tables in this set, a bit of a mix and match of small shelves and a table, if you ask me! ¬†Perfect for putting little niknaks on to give things that homely touch (if you can rez). ¬† ¬† The chair and sofa are copy so you can scatter them around if you so wish, and each come with various amounts of animated poses! ¬†It’s a really simple set inspired by a really gorgeous painting and you would be a FOOL not to go and check them out!!!

New @ Prism

Next we have an outdoors bath.. well *I* chose to put it outdoors, the bath/stand come as individuals, so you can put the bath in an actual bathroom, if you want to. ¬† This is the Collabor88 item from Trompe Loeil and it matches the FaMESHed item that is at the bottom of this blog post! ¬†The Barrel Bath is stunning, much like anything that comes from Cory’s brain. ¬†The Barrel Bath comes in both Adult and PG versions and it’s shown here in Rustic which matches the Rustic Pavillion and the aforementioned bed, and also a white option, which just matches the bed. ¬† You can turn the bath on and off by touching the taps complete with sound effect and particles, it’s so cute!! ¬†The PG version comes with 12 animations ( a mix of solo and couples) and the Adult version comes with an additional 9 erotic animations, both solo and couples. ¬† These are only $L188 for PG and $L288 for Adult for the duration of C88, so a total effin steal!

Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88

Just a quick close up of the detailing, as it’s too gorgeous not to!

Closer Look @ Trompe Loeil

This is the Barrel Bed, currently available at FaMESHed. ¬† This gorgeous Barrel Bed comes in two wood styles, eight fabric options and both PG and Adult rated options! ¬† It’s such a cute and unique idea that I think I literally SQUEED when I saw it.

The PG version comes with 20 single and 21 couples animtions and the Adult version comes with an ADDITIONAL 18 erotic poses including solo and couples! ¬† I can’t with the details and effort and work that goes in to EVERY single Trompe Loeil item, I am always floored, I look at the pics and go yeah i’m going to like this, then I rez them and I am like WOWWWWWWWWWWWW, especially when I spend time clicking through the options that comes with every one, trying to choose what fabric/wood/whatever I want, it’s always like I want 500 sims to rez ALL of them on and stuff, but I don’t need to go on about the quality of TL items, because I’m sure you already know!

I will return later today with more goodies, mayhaps, until then ‚̧

Trompe Loeil @ FaMESHed

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