WoC2: Bittersweet

Willis would like me to let you all know that her colour look this week is also a Collabor88 look. The same is not true for Arbel and myself, however. What you are seeing on both of us is inspired largely by the joy and obsession of discovering mesh heads. I’ve mentioned before the theory that friends end up looking like one another – we clearly took that concept literally this week.

From left to right, myself, Arbers and Willis.

WoC2: Bittersweet

Credits (left to right):

Hair: Alice Project – Mandi
Head/Skin: LOGO – Chloe Partial Mesh Head
Coat: R.icielli – Salmon Snake
Top: Maai – Uma
Pose: Frooti

Skirt & Boots: Ducknipple – SLX Outfit: Cosey (Thank you Willis for the rezday pressie!! xoxo)
Top: ::SUGARCUBE – String Tank
hair: (Dernier Cri) Jenelle
Skin & Head: LOGO Chloe Partial Mesh Head (Bloom)
Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Midnight Hazel)

Hair: Shag | Goodbye | Bittersweet
Skin: Izzie’s | Geanna | Porcelain w/ Teal Eyes | Rust Lips | Freckles | Eyeliner
Eyes: Ikon | Pale Arabian Blue
Necklace: LaGyo | Mescal | Silver
Ring: Yummy | Boho Rings | Yellow
Top: Hucci | Soure Dress | Desert Clay (XS to fit with pants)
Pants: Auxiliary | Belted Flairs | Burnt
Boots: Schadenfreude | Amargosa Boots
Pose: *Frooti

Have a Sunday Skinful!

Ok this is going to be a LONNNNNNNNNNNNNG post, I was in London yesterday and I didn’t get to blog, so today you get it ALLLL! I will cut after the first item, so hopefully if you are reading this from a feed and are bored rigid, you can skip some of it! Sorry if it doesn’t work, but I am going to bring you THREE new skins, some hair, and a cute Lazy Sunday outfit!

First we have these gorgeous Glam Affair skins, available only at Collabor88 for now, these are the Roza  – Brr and Etci skins!  Each skin comes with light and dark brows and aren’t they just the CUTEST THINGS?   All of them are soo pale and gorgeous, a couple of them with a hint of red nose and “I’ve got a sniffle” look about them, I thought they went perfectly with the Wasabi Pills BRRR hair, it’s already feeling a lot like christmas and these skins are going tocome in handy, I can feel it!

Glam Affair @ Collabor88

Next we have the Maria Skin from Essences, a whole new line in 5 tones ranging from a super light tone, to a darker, richer tone.. you can see all five below, also worn is one of the new Truth hairs, a gorgeous style complete with cute headscarf that comes with a HUD for you to change the colour of!

Essences | Maria | Tones

Each tone comes with various options including three brows, cleavage layers and makeup tattoos.  You get 7 “makeups”  (just eye makeups) in each, along with a clear (shown above for the tones) these can be seen below:

Essences | Maria | Makeups

You then get 10 lipstick tattoo layers, so you can mix and match with any of the above eyes, also seen with the lipsticks below are two types of blush, another thing you get in the package!  Maria is a lovely skin, full of wonderful shading, great cleavage enhancement and lots of little options for you, I love the Essences Dark Brows, they are always so stunning and striking, so I opted for all of my pics with those, but you get light and red too.  It’s a shame there were no freckles in the package that really would of made my day for the red brows!   I do love Essences skins on me tho, they feel like home.. so I am more than happy with these!  The lower row of the lipsticks are the “nuit” selection and they have slightly stained look to them, not an entire lip coverage going on, but adaptable for different looks.  YAY!

Essences | Maria | Lips

Okay, going to cut here… hope you carry on reading tho!

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