What *IS* Going On?

This is a short post to spread the word on a few fundraisers/events coming up.

First we have Around the World, which is an Ego Co run event!


Starting on Thursday, November 15th,  Around the World sponsored by The Ego Co begins!. This fun-filled, fun event centres on the nine regions of the world while bringing together numerous different designers and creators across the grid! ATW will open up at noonslt and last until November 29th, 2012.  It’s full of wonderful creators and promises to be AWESOME, like anything by The Ego Co!

Next in line is UnhingedSL.  A group of good friends of Eku Zhong have come together to try and raise funds for her because in their words she’s sick, not as in super  cool (well she is) but very, very ill.  You can read all about it on the UnhingedSL page here.  If you would like to help Eku with her plight, the event starts on November 15th running until December 15th and it’s a festival to celebrate Eku’s titanium spirit and it’s going to be a giant gacha fair with a skull theme with lots of DJ’s and parties and more honouring Eku than anything.  75% of all gachas will go towards Eku’s funds

Next and last but not least we have Together for Sway, you can read all about that in more depth here. Sway is also ill and her friends have rallied to support her also.  Together for Sway has a promising and wonderful line up of vendors amongst some of SL’s finest residents and will include sales with donations to Sway, Auctions and lots of Djing!  I’ve already seen some teasers for this and it looks wonderful and I have had a few dealings with Sway and she is a lovely, sweet person… so if you like to shop, and support good causes, all of the above might be your thing.

I will blog more about the events in more detail as I check them out, I just wanted to spread the word a lil before they kicked off.

So if you like to support a good cause, just fancy a bit of shopping that might help out a fellow SLer or even if you don’t believe in fundraisers or events… maybe you just want to come along and pretend you’re shopping normally… these are definitely a few up and coming things to sink your teeth into.

SLURLS are not yet available, I will update as and when.

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