If I could be exiled in this hair, I think i’d manage to enjoy it.  Yep, 3 new styles from Exile today AND… HAIR BASES LADIES! I took a pic of every hair base available (I think, my eyes went funny)… and of course some are similar because some of the hair tones are similar, but all in all I love these bases! I don’t often wear them, but sometimes I do find the rigged mesh hair leave a lil spot on my head so it’ll be nice to have the exact right shade at last YAYYY!

Here they are! I couldn’t fit them all onto one collage, so i’m afraid you get two!  The skin I am wearing is YS & YS and the ears, are of course, from Mandala!

Exile - Bases 1

Exile - Bases 2

The three new styles are GORGEOUSSSSS, from L to R we have Beyond the Waves, The Only Exception and Semi Charmed Life.

Beyond the Waves is a stunning style that comes complete with addable/colourchange mesh flowers.  I cannot praise this hair highly enough, it’s the perfect look for a naked person really, like lady Godiva.. with flowers… but I had clothes on, which by the way are one of the few items available from Apple May at Around the World which starts SOOOOOOOOON!   It really is a gorgeous hair.

The Only Exception is a cute over the shoulder style with zero bangs, or well… long bangs that meld in with the hair, whatever you like to think!   I opted to wear this one in a bright pinky colour, but imagine it would look sultry and sexy with a darker shade.  Spiffy!

Finally we have Semi Charmed Life, it was a toss up between this and Beyond the Waves for my fav hair of the release, and I think it came out as tie tbh!  This high pony comes with separate mesh colour change bow, so you can wear it with or without, and it’s so pretty!   It’s cute, it’s sexy, it’s everything a ponytail should be!

New @ Exile

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A lil Unhinged…

Aren’t we all?!? But this isn’t about that.. this is about the Fundraiser that I blogged about yesterday. Unhinged.. billed as a festival for Eku’s head, is a gacha style festival and the items I have been lucky enough to preview so far are all SO fantastic! I bring you just a few of them today.

I threw together a LoTD – Unhinged Style!  This gorgeous dress is available from Sakide in many colours, I think this blue is just perfect though.  It comes with the leggings too, so you don’t have to worry about it matching anything!!! WEEEE! I do love me some Sakide.  I am also wearing a ring available from them, more about that below.   The boots I am wearing are the Lassitude & Ennui offering and I LOVE THEM!!!!  They are available in several colours too and again more about them below.  The hair I am wearing is the new Wasabi Pills again, the Kylee and skin is from Mons and is an older one, but still a goodie!  Pose is from Frooti (sorry, still not got my mojo back for poses *sadface*)

LoTD | 15-11/12 | Unhinged Style

The Sakide Cranium Ring is just… genius.  OH MY GOD IT IS SO PRETTY LOOK AT IT.  These aren’t all the colours you can get, but they are a fair few! They come in M and F sizes too, so don’t fear men, they will fit your manly hands.  These are some of the most stunning pieces I have seen in a long time and I am in LOVE.  These are going to be like Pokemon… gotta catch em all!

New @ Sakide for Unhinged

Here are just three of the colours of the Sugarskull Boots from Lassitude & Ennui, all rigged mesh, all wonderful mesh work and texturing, everything you’d expect from the lovely Jackal!  I love these are they will literally go with anything, they aren’t over the top or too understated, they are just the right amount of sass, cute and woo!

New @ Lassitude & Ennui for Unhinged

Finally, and not for Unhinged, an updated Skating Rink from What Next!  If you purchased the old, sculpted one, you will get the update for free because it’s now made in mesh!  I had to skate alone *tear* but the script in it works a bit like a dancefloor script, you click, allow it to control your av and you skate!  So you can have people over for a skate party, woo!  There are two versions… this is the version with the ice hole, the other doesn’t have it.   It’s a beautiful piece of work and will make a great centrepiece to your icy winter decor!

Updated @ What Next

SLURLS if available are found on the Store Location Page