WoC2: Juniper

Still impressed with the LOGO mesh heads this week as, somehow, Arbers and I have managed to look completely different. As does Willis, but she did that by cheating and using her own head.

From left to right, myself, Arbers and Willis.
WoC2: Juniper

Credits (left to right)

Head/Skin: LOGO – Chloe Partial Mesh Head
Hair: Amacci – Mai (Around The World event)
Dress: ISON – Seiko (Collabor88)
Pose: Frooti

skin / head: LOGO- Parital Mesh Head (Bloom)
cardi: Nylon Outfitters – knitted sweater
shirt: Sugarcube – ruckle summer dress
skirt / stocking: The Sea Hole – gathered twill skirt
shoes: Ducknipple – Mesh HiTops (xoxo)
hair: elikatira – balance (blonde 07)

Hair: Clawtooth | I Never | Bombshell Blonde
Skin: League | Taylor | Pale | Teal
Dress: Sn@tch | Slow Ride Corset Dress | Teal
Necklace: Cute Poison | Atomic Necklace

New @ Caes | Truth | Secret Store

Halloooo! I am back once again like the renegade master! *twizzles on floor breakdance stylee*… sorry that is THE lamest opening but, well, it’s done now.

SO! Caelan Hancroft opened a store yesterday! Yep, you might know Cae from her blog or running Truth District, well I blogged a fair few blogs ago about a gorgeous Starfish Necklace she’d given me to cheer me up, from her upcoming release… well, Cae is now open and my oh my, everything is so pretty!  I did a collage of the pieces available at the opening and a close up of my fave set, along with another new release but more about that further down!

Cae released 6 original mesh items at the opening, all of which are so delightfully gorgeous.  From L – R: Entangled, Enchanted, Knotted, Starfish and Timeless, in the picture below you can find Elegance.

Each set doesn’t just come with a Necklace, they come with varying items but a majority contain rings, necklaces, bracelets/cuffs, and earrings!  I haven’t taken pictures of everything because I want you to go and actually look at these items, because they need to be looked at!!  The workmanship that has gone into them is obvious, I’m really impressed and kinda jealous that Cae has taken Blender (or whatever) and made it her total b!tch!!  I wish I could sink my teeth into something like this and actually get to grips with it, because the outcomes you can achieve, are quite plain to see… AMAZING!  All the sets come with texture change too, from platinum to rose gold, gold to silver… gunmetal and more, there is something for everyone.

New @ Cae's

Now this is my favourite set, I thought it was Starfish, then Timelines, but I settled on Elegance! I just LOVE this set, it’s the epitome of classy, sexy and sensual. I am in absolute awe of how much I love it, I am not usually that great at accessorizing , it’s not my forte but these items make it easy.  Cae is open on Truth District, so make sure you visit!  Also new at Truth District and Truth, are three new hairs! I have tried to work them all into the looks I used with the Cae items, but as there was only one updo it was hard! I wanted to show off my neck.  Either way all three styles are delicious!   You get the updo with teh braid, everyone loves a braid, there is also a longer, braided style that falls gently across the shoulders, protecting your modesty should you be naked like I was, and a simple longer style with colour change bow!  Three great styles to match your new jewellery!

Pretty Flowers

Finally a new release from The Secret Store!  The Camille dress is a collab between The Secret Store and Nyu again and it is ALSO a perfect item for the elegance set, as well as the others!  I chose to showcase it in both a magenta and a chocolate tone (above), but it’s available in several colours and is a gorgeous piece of mesh work.  The little lace collar is just ADORABLE.    The perfect dress for anyone that wants to look sexy but classy, all of the releases I have blogged here tick all the cards for classy and sexy, so you’re in for a good shopping day!

New @ Secret Store

SLURLS are all on the Store Locations Page


..and there are still so many things to buy!!

The new round of FAIR is almost upon us, peeps and let me tell you there are some FANTASTIC items this time around, as with every other time!  Two of my fave items so far to come out of there have to be this fantastic shelf from Cheeky Pea, and the dress from Geometry.   I can’t get enough of this shelf, srsly.  It’s a bit larger than I expected it to be but if I used my noddle and noticed all the awesome stuff on it, I’d have realised!  More about the shelf below, let’s focus a bit on the dress.  It’s SO pretty! I chose the Coral colour to wear, but it’s available in many more, a really slinky but well covered up piece that leaves the imagination ticking but makes you feel incredibly sexy too!

LoTD - 17/11/12

I wore a couple of accessories from HANDverk with my look, their recent release has been centered around Artists goods, ranging from an Easel to a Clutch, these divine Earrings and now this Necklace!   These works of art are truly just that, works of art.   The earrings are little paintbrushes and are available to match the colours of the other releases, and they are only at FaMESHed at the moment,   the necklace has been released for L’Accessories, and it’s a corded style necklace, with the palatte holding it together.  I chose Autumn colours, but there are few to choose from and I doubt you will be disappointed!

New @ Handverk

Back to the shelf! LOOK AT IT! I put together a small collage of the awesome details you can find there.  A row of poloroids for you to fill in with your own memories, including a cute spare peg, jars sliding towards the end of hte shelf, books galore, a lamp that has a plug attached below the shelf to the wall and of course, in a certain state, horseshoes!  It’s full of wonderful little finds and it’s a great centrepiece/discussions piece for any room of the house! Maybe no the toilet tho.

Cheeky Pea @ Fair

Finally, nine… yes NINE new hairs from Alice Project for Around the World!   A variation of styles from long to short, sleek to a bit more bouffant.  These styles work on the Infinity System but each hair comes with a Mini HUD so you get a great option of colours including solids, two-tones and dipped!  I can’t pinpoint my fave because I love them all!  Alice has gone to a lot of work for these event, and that is clear with these gorgeous styles.   Also worn in the picture is the Haste MicroKini available for Around the World!

Alice Project @ Around the World


All SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page!