Saturday Brunch!

Hallo, ratfans! A few more new things for you to peruse today!

We have two new gorgeous hairs at Truth! Nyx and Jade are both 50% off this weekend, so it’s a bargain, grab them while they’re hot AND cheap!  I might actually be in love with both of them this time!  I love the loose braiding around the front of Nyx, I do love me a good bit of braid, and of course Jade is a bit swept to the side, so perfect for pictures, which I love!   I paired them with the Somnia Top available at Zodiac for Sagittarius.  There are two styles, Crooked and Straight Arrow.. and both come in oodles of colours.  I presume they mean that there are two types of Sagittarius… and I think I fit this one to a tee, I am by no means completely wild (except in the be.. nvm) but I am definitely more on the crooked path than the straight, i’m a lil bit of a nutter at times and that suits me fine!  I love to have fun and follow my heart, I love to laugh and smile, but I love to use my intelligence too, I’m a bit of everything Sagittarius are said to be, but that depends on what you read 😉

New @ Truth & Somnia

The skin I wear is the gorgeous new Amethyst from Leafy!  Ok it’s not new new, but it’s not old!   There are 6 tones to choose from, ranging from a smooth china white, to a richer, darker brown… all of the skins come with various eyebrow options, cleavage and the normal things you’d find in the Leafy packs!

Amethyst @ Leafy | Tones

Each pack has 12 makeups, 2 variations on most colours with either shadow, or liner… then a couple of randoms thrown in, like the pure, and the scene style eyes.   Leafy skins are beautiful, I do hope that Kaethe brings out some lipsticks for these skins, as you can see a lot of them are similar, but strikingly beautiful!   I really love how smooth the skin looks, and how well they fit my little face!   The mole you can see is on the skin, so if you’re not a fan of moles/beauty marks, please do demo before you try!

Amethyst @ Leafy


*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page if available