I went and did it, I purchased the new mesh boobs from Lolas… TANGO! I already had the other Lolas, and I’ve never worn them, I could never get them to look good, or right, or not ridiculous… so I shoved them to the back of my inventory in a huff, but when I heard the mesh ones suited a lot better, and some of my fav skin makers started making appliers, I took the plunge. I haven’t gone naked in them yet, but I must say I find them a lot more natural looking than the sculpty ones for sure!

LoTD | 25-11-12

Cynful released a few new things and amongst them was this understated turtleneck dress, of course Cynful stuff comes with appliers, and these had Tango ones so it was like it was meant to be! The dress is shown here in RosyBrown but it comes in a variety of colours, a mesh neck piece (which I just realised is missing.. THANKS ATTACHMENT POINTS ASDLFJASLDFJ… sorry, I can’t get back on to SL atm so just pretend I have the piece on DOH) and mesh skirt flaps in varying sizes. It also comes with different length sleeves too!

The hair you can see is the Beehive style from Beetlebones that is currently on sale at the Bees Through the Seasons Event!  It’s a gorgeous mesh style and I am excited to see hair from BB!  Also worn are the new MESH nails from Jamman! I blogged a while back about Jamman nails in great detail.. (see here) but they have now been remade in mesh, obvs.   Below is the ULTRA HUD, it comes, as you can see with a HUGE array of options.  Each tab on the left opens a new colour/pattern selection (the colourful area with all the nails!), so you can just about work out there are over 800 options!  Not only that, there are two new nail “lengths”… they are “cat” and “snake”… so yep, you can now claw peoples eyes out or fork them in the face! YAY!

Jamman | Mesh Nail HUD

That’s it for now, it’s been a struggle as I took the pics, uploaded to flickr and I am currently mobile blogging on my tablet while Mr Willis studies on the PC, so I hope it works as it should!

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Hair: BBSalon | Beehive Messy Half Do | Rose 2 *Bees Through the Seasons*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Field
Skin: Leafy | Amethyst | Warm | Pure
Dress: Cynful | Vale’s Turtleneck Dress | RosyBrown 3/4 Sleeve *NEW*
Boobs: Lolas | Tango  *NEW*
Nails: Jamman | Ultra Mesh Fingernails  *NEW*
Pose: *Frooti