SL Blogger Support: Inspire Me: Week 4: Day 1 – For the One That Has Everything…

Wellllll… I don’t have everything in SL, who does? But I do have enough shoes, hair, dresses, sofas, houses, trees, eyeliners… etc etc to last me for a good while, although having more of anything is always good.. out with the old, in with the new and all that jazz.. but when you’re really struggling at what to give someone who you truly believe has everything… here is a hint:

DON’T JUDGE.. some of these pics are YEARS old

Give them a hug, give them a shoulder, give them a squeeze, wipe their tears, give them the power to believe in themselves, give them 5 mins of your time, give them encouraging words, give them a good talking to if they are being an idiot, give them the hammer to break down your walls, give them the chance to show you how truly awesome they are, and how awesome you are, give them what you can, when you can… give them your trust, give them your thoughts, share laughs with them, help them through a bad day, just sit with them in silence and enjoy it, give them a tickle if they are sad, allow them to punch you cos you hate being tickled, give them a chance to prove they won’t let you down, just give them you.

Sometimes, all you need is to know that they won’t let you down, they won’t let you fall, they will prop you up when you do, they will tell you you’re being an ass but hug you close at the same time, they will not give up on you, no matter what…

Sometimes it’s not about the material things, is it?

<3 new profile piccy!

Tis The Season for some Decor…

Tra la la la la, la la la la… yeah ok don’t worry, I’m not doing Christmas posts.. YET ūüėĄ

I haven’t posted some furniture for a good week or so, so let me bring you a few of the new things I’ve acquired over the last few days! ¬†Please click through for the flickr link and bigger pictures.

I really love this item from Conspiracy Theory for this months Zodiac… you can plainly see what it is.. a bow and arrow picture frame thinger! ¬† It’s dreamy and lovely and is a great talking piece for any room, I decided this one was going in my bedroom, well one of them.. we’re between houses at the minute, as in I have 3345345 rezzed and just keep going I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DOOOOO with them. ¬†But I knew this needed to be in one of them, Ewan makes some unique items and this beautiful.

Conspiracy Theory @ Zodiac

This is the item from DIGS for the Monochrome Hunt! ¬†It’s a Silver Lining Dresser, it is soooo cute, and will suit any room, even if the rest of your decor isn’t grey/silver/monochrome. ¬† It’s not a huge piece and fits neatly into a corner, or you can decorate around it, making it a gorgeous centrepiece. ¬†DIGS has some awesome items, and this hunt item is a steal! ¬†Make sure you check it out.

DIGS for Monochrome Hunt

Finally we have a teaser! Yes, i’m sorry.. these bad boys won’t be out until the December round of The Arcade opens! I am not blessed enough to be an Arcade Blogger, but I did manage to get my excited little hands on these signs from What Next! These are SO effin’ cute you are going to view them as Pokemon and want to catch them all!

These cute, mesh signs are availabe in many different offerings, you probably need to click through for a bigger/better picture, but oh my gosh!!! ¬†You can get bathroom ones, kitchen ones, winter ones, beach ones!!! ¬†There are a bunch of common and a couple of rares, so you won’t have a hard time getting them all, hopefully! ¬† I can’t wait for The Arcade to open, last time I spent more than my tier on Hamsters and Spice Jars… so this time i’m hoping I can just tone it down a notch, but judging by the teasers i’ve seen so far.. I don’t see that happening!!!

What Next coming soon for The Arcade

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations Page at the top of the blog!