Amberlying Along…

YESSSSSSSS AMBERLY!!!!! Oh my gosh I’ve been seeing teasers for days, weeks, months!!! Ok.. just days and now *I* am the one teasing and oh my gosh, I can only echo what everyone else has said and say.. this might be my fave Glam Affair skin thus far.

Amberly comes in six tones, all very beautiful and realistic, not a smack of tango orange in sight, which is great.  They are the same tones from Roza, but I’ve thrown them together to show you for a recap, if you need one!  The shading on the bodies is delectable, as always, the ass is pert, the boobs are lush, the cleavage is perfect, their isn’t a seam in sight, yes! Even I managed to tear myself away from my face and stare at my boobs for a while. go me.

Glam Affair | Amberly | Tones

Amberly comes in 12 makeups and as usual, a clean face.  I have just showcased the makeups below, and you can find the clean face a bit further down.  I do believe there is a little something for everyone in the release from your understated muted nudes, to your more vibrant vivid red lips and autumnal plums.  The thing I love most about this release is the lips, that slight hint of gloss.  For so long a lot of lips have been coming out sans gloss and while they are gorgeous and lovely, a lil bit never hurt anyone, I think I look thoroughly kissable!   The button nose is just aSDLFJAS I don’t have the words and the thing that always, no matter what, stands out for me about Glam Affair skins is the fact their eye makeup is always perfection on an eyelid, there is never a stretched texture, never a grainy look… always just gorgeous.

Glam Affair | Amberly | Makeups

The eyebrows on these babies are also ASLDFJAS.  They are soft, and lovely and the colours are wonderful!  You can get Blonde, Dark, Raven and Red…. the Raven isn’t jet black, so you can mix and match it with the darker browns in your hair collection too.  They are definitely more defined and soft than the past eyebrows, or am I just in a dreamy love bubble?!

Glam Affair | Amberly | Brows

Also in this release, amongst the usual good stuff, is a bunch of freckles, both for the face and body.  I threw on some for the face so you can get a quick glance.  There are full face, over the bridge of the nose, then 2 sets of beauty marks/moles/freckles too!    They come in a few different strengths of colour, so they do match the lighter and darker tones.  Overall I can’t say enough good words about the Amberly Skin, it’s so pretty, so well made.. it really is one of those skins that you know you have to have, if you don’t demo it at least, you’ll be a sad sack! 😦

Glam Affair | Amberly | Freckles

Now… RENEE!! This is a Renee pre-release teaser… these gorgeous specimens are coming to The Arcade in December, 15 of the finest skins you can find all ready for your gacha loving!  I know last time there was a slurry of OMGGG do you have this skin, do you have that skin? I NEED A SWAP, I NEED A 7 going on because they were some of the hottest items there, I think this year is going to be the same except there are MORE to want to own!!  There is a wonderful mix of fantasy, light, dark, pure looking, sinful looking… it’s a good old mix for sure and I haev a few faves, sure, but all of them are simply divine.  I have been so lucky to get a fair few Arcade Sneak Peeks from some of the top designers, I can’t wait to go and throw my money around in there, I really can’t!!!!

Glam Affair | Renee @ The Arcade

The Arcade opens REALLY soon! Get ready, I know I am!

*SLURLS are available on the Store Location page, if and when available

Hair by Elikatira | Eyes by IKON

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