WoC2: Tangelo

We’ve had quite a few orange shades over these 52 weeks of coloured glory, but none so bright and vivid as this week’s choice. If you weren’t feeling cheery before you landed on this post, you will be after staring at Tangelo for a couple of seconds.

From left to right, myself, Willis and Arbers.

WoC2: Tangelo

Credits (left to right):

Hair: Exile – Best of You
Skin/Head: LOGO Chloe Partial Mesh Head
Ribbon: BOOM – Halloween Headbands
Dress/Necklace: Ducknipple – CowDress

Hair: Exile | Already Gone | Ember
Eyes: Izzies | Autumn Eyes | Orange
Skin: Redgrave | Bella | Fighter
Top: The Sea Hole | Painted Desert | Dove
Cardigan: Blueberry | Carla Open Cardigan | Orange
Jeans: fri.day | Low Rise Jeans | Dingy
Pose: *Frooti

top: /artilleri/ heidi *orange*
jeans: This is a Fawn – Pegged Jeans [floral]
head&skin: LOGO Chloe Head
hair: .b – ffwd (tangelo)

Sunday Stuffs

Hello, and happy Sunday… I have a LoTD for you today, and a few lil random bits that I have been meaning to show for a while now, and not a whiff of an event in sight… much ūüėÄ

Prism is one of those stores that has a bit of everything, ¬†whether you want full sets for your living room, or little knick knacks to place about the house, Lilly really does cater for all tastes, and all occasions… Christmas is no exception! ¬†These are just a handful of the Christmas/Yule items you can find at Prism this year. ¬† The gorgeous bench comes with both couples and singles poses, and as you can see it comes with snow built in, and the cute lampost with wreath. ¬† If you want your wreath separate, you can find many different styles from traditional pine to¬†poinsettia, with bells and more! ¬†The angels are just divine, them come as the pair both holding their own mini wreaths, and of course Christmas isn’t Christmas without a Poinsettia in a pot! ¬† Make sure you get on over to Prism and check everything out!

Christmas @ Prism

Breno is a new store to me, I came across the flickrstream and fell in love, I have been trying to put together a look with one of their prefabs but I haven’t managed to perfect one yet, so instead here is a lil peek at two of the wonderful items they do! ¬†These space invader wall art pictures as sooooo cute! ¬†They are only 1 prim each and a steal at $L49, whether you just want something a lil different, or you’re a sci-fi geek, you’ll love these! ¬† Also something I fell in love with was the Cloud 9 Lamp! ¬†It hangs from the ceiling and is just gorgeous. ¬†The lamp is scripted to give you complete control over the look so you can adjust the Intensity, glow, color and other settings too, and it’s resizable! ¬† Do love this store, keep an eye out for more awesome stuff very soon!


My look of the day today is simple and casual, and I had to work a look around these super Arm Socks that Shabby Cat released in both Black and White! ¬†A different take on the traditional arm warmer, these are fantastic! ¬†I paired them with nearly an entire look from SAKIDE including a knitted mesh tee, corduroy jeans and black biker boots! ¬† The top I love because it’s so simple and comfy looking, the jeans come in an array of colours and you get both cuffed and non cuffed version to choose from, and the boots… what can I say? I love a good black boot! ¬† Both Shabby Cat and SAKIDE are releasing so many awesome items lately, it’s hard to keep up, but I’m always super excited for the next release! ¬† I am still wearing my Morgan hair from Wasabi Pills and the skin is the new Sunny skin from MONS! More about that below.

LoTD - 02/12/12

Here are the colours of Arm Sock available, in the black pack! ¬†You can mix and match it to almost any outfit, I’m sure… except perhaps that slinky evening gown ūüėõ

Colours of Arm Socks @ Shabby Cat

MONS new skin, Sunny.. is a freckled affair! ¬†Of course you don’t have to have the freckles, there is a freckleless version available and each makeup comes with two cleavage options as well as with/without freckles! ¬† The eyes on this skin are lovely! With four different types of liner, ¬†they make your eyes stand out, in the most subtle of ways, and each skin has a plain style lip, very neutral looking, nothing too over the top. ¬†There are makeups available, so you don’t have to stay a semi plain jane. ¬† Each skin also comes with a variety of brow options too, something for everyone, yay!

New @ Mons

*SLURLS on Store Locations Page

Credits for LoTD

Hair: Wasabi Pills | Morgan | Wild Honey *FaMESHed*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Leather
Skin: MONS | Sunny | Light | Spring *NEW*
Shirt: SAKIDE | Open Knitted Tee | Sand
Arm Socks: Shabby Cat | Arm Socks | Black & Blue
Jeans: SAKIDE | Slim Corduroy Jeans | Black
Boots: SAKIDE | Leather Army Boots
Pose: *Frooti

My oh my…

.. I have been a bad BAD girl. ¬†I vowed I wouldn’t visit The Arcade today, I’d give it a few days to calm down, of course I didn’t stick to that! SO.. I made a new vow as soon as I landed.. I wouldn’t spend tons of money, I would have max of 4 goes on any machine I played, I faired well to start with, moving on despite not getting what I really wanted… then I reached both the Schadenfreude and Fashionably Dead machines. ¬†I haven’t managed to collect all of the cute dolls from Schadenfreude yet, but I did, after dropping SO much more money than I intended to in the machine, get all but ONE of the Mesh Heads from Fashionably Dead… It’s like a disease, once I see something I want, I have to get it and I wanted the VAMP head, which of course was a Rare, the rares churned out, I ended up with 8 spare rares in total (all gone, sorry!) but NO VAMP! ARGH! I had to leave, or i’d be spending my entire months tier there… I left and then my good friend Katya imed me and said she’d found me a trade!!! ¬†I LEAPED back onto the laptop and traded my little heart out, and now, I think (I could be wrong, please don’t tell me if I am, I CAN’T GO BACK! EDIT: I missed a couple out.. I found the pics on my HD after I did the collage LOL) I have them all, so I couldn’t help but come and make a little post to say that The Arcade is WONDERFUL this time around, same as last time, and these Mesh Heads by Toast are just one of the few amazing items you can¬†obsess¬†over for a while… you should visit¬†‚̧

Fashionably Dead @ The Arcade


They might not be everyones cup of tea, but they are stunning, each of them comes with four tones (skins can be found at the FD store to match if you need them) and several eye colours, you can also tint them and even add shine if it’s something your heart desires! ¬†I can go to bed a happy girl… tonight at least ‚̧