Insufferable Dastard…

Up until recently I always thought ID was only about eyes, I think I was a bit wrong!  Aula has recently (I think) branched out with Skins and they are delicious! I stopped by today and fatpacked one of them, and snagged myself a “look” too!  More about everything below.

The Daniela Skin is new, and it’s lovely!  Very fresh faced looking.  I opted for the Porcelain Tone, but you can also get Light, Medium, Olive, Tan, Deep Tan, Deep and Ebony.  I liked this one because it’s just so hauntingly pretty!  Each skin comes with 2 base skins, one with and one without eyebrows; shape, eyes, freckles, blush, 8 lip colours, 8 eyeshadows and 8 eyebrow tattoos, not to mention 5 lashes/liners!  All in a neat little package for under $L1k!… it’s a very nice skin for a very reasonable price, and not only can you choose from theses, there are also a few “looks” too!  They are $L299 (I think) each and come with skin, shape, eyes  and 6 extras on tattoo layers, all of them vary, I picked up one and will most likely go back for the others!!

Insufferable Dastard | Daniela | Make Up Options

Above you can see the bare skin with no frills in the larger picture, then all 16 tattoo layers combined with a random freckle tatt here and a random blush tatt there, there are some gorgeous nudes, pretty peaches and even a pillar box red and precious pink in there too!  Below you can see the 5 options of lashes and liners, I have worn them all individually, but of course you can mix and match!  I recommend you TP on over and check it out!

Insufferable Dastard | Daniela | Lashes & Liners

For good measure I wanted to throw in a look that I was lounging around in ALL day, I am SO in love with Cracked Mirrors items from The Arcade, these footie pjs are just friggin adorable.  My faves have to be the Unicorns, Sprinkles and of course, COW.   I’m very thankful these babies didn’t come with attachable udders or I might of been tempted to look like a silly sausage for a while.  I’m also wearing the fantastic new hair from Ploom!  Nue is a cute half up do with a mesh daisy to top it off!  The daisy isn’t attached, so you can always wear it without, i’m quite partial to it on, tho!

LoTD 04/12/12


*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page

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