Plethora of Pretties!

Hellloooooo!! I am desperately trying to catch up on my blogging, how can someone blog once a day and still feel behind!? Because people release so many wonderful items!  My blog folder is a mile long, so this post is going to be kinda huuuuuge! I’ll keep the wiffle waffle to minimum incase you actually do read the post, and just throw pictures of myself at you 😀

First we will start with a simple Look of the Day!  Sakide have this lovely Frost outfit out, and there is a matching mens set too (sans skirt :P), it’s mesh, it’s pretty and intricate lace, it’s just lovely!  It comes with mittens and scarf and of course with various sizes of mesh skirt/collar etc.   I’m also wearing the gorgeous new PXL VIP Skin!  Faith Old Hollywood is a grey skin with a gorgeous pop of ruby red lips, perfect for your monochrome shots, which I kinda achieved here, except with the lips and hair!  The hair is also new from Lamb, one of two fantastic styles!

Winter @ Sakide

Over at Pixel Mode, now Tya has finished building the Oz sim (blogged just before this post – Strangelings!) she has started releasing again!  I spoke to her last night in world and she said she wanted to get some holiday releases out, and just look!  SO MANY SCARVES.. and Mittens! CUTE MITTENS!   The first picture showcases the colours available in both the mittens and scarves, the basic, no frills colours… just knitted (or suede for the mittens) goodness!

Winter @ Pixel Mode - Scarves

This picture showcases the mittens in all their meshy glory, and the not so plain scarves!  There are stripes, leopard spots and checks in a variety of colours.   I really love these scarves, they are simple but do the job wonderfully, they also come in 5 sizes, which I didn’t realise before I’d shrunk my chest, so if you’re a bigger chested lady, don’t worry, this is the smallest size and my chest was set to around 30, and there are four bigger sizes, yay!  The mittens are just lovely, the texturing is amazing and the colours are so adorable!  I love the pastels. YAY PM!

Winter @ Pixel Mode - Mittens & Scarves

After I begrudingly removed my PXL skin (however creepy does that sound!?) I popped on my new Essences Skin, this will be available at the brand new TDR Fusion and oh em gee, gorgeous!!  I am wearing the other new Lamb hair in this one and a new mesh dress from Phosphenes, shown here in just two of the four colour available, the dress oozes cute and innocent… of course what it’s doing on me, I don’t know, I am guessing I am totally on the naughty list this year!

New @ Phosphenes

Here are the three makeups you get with the skin, you also get a variety of blushes too .  I really REALLY love this skin, it’s so smooth and natural looking, even with the makeups, it’s just one of those skins that you feel at home in, ya know?  Inka is coming on in leaps and bounds with her skin work and this shows it.  You get a variety of brows too, only three shown here, and I didn’t wear lashes so you could get a better look! GORGEOUS!

Essences @ TDR Fusion

Finally! Cheeky Pea and HANDverk have these wonderful Yule items out at the new Mens Department! I must admit, I’ve never been before.. I think I’ve been missing out! Not everything is for the boys (sorry guys, we like to muscle in where we can), and I must now go EVERY time!  This mesh Antler Tree is just… the best tree EVER! Isla does such great work, and this is no exception… I feel it will take pride of place in ALL my SLhouses this year.  Also something I fell in love with, the Cardboard Head from HANDverk!  LOOK! ITS SO CUTE!! It comes in traditional cardboard with wreath, of this minimalistic white one with just one bauble, the reflection of the head is in the bauble too! I love little details like that, well done HANDverk!

Winter @ Mens Dept

All poses used are from aDORKable Poses, one of the best posers on the grid, in the loveliest way! ❤

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations Page ❤

Stranger Things Have Happened!

Strangelings, the wonderful new creatures from Flying Monkey Interactive Inc.  It’s an immense and diverse world game of a genetics based pet, where you have pets that breed little critters with unique traits, a bit like other Breedables in SL, but not…  FMI is the brainchild of Ozimals and two former lindens, and this is their first product, the initial way to play will be on iPad and the web, infact I had to use my beta key with my FB account.

At present, while the game is still being ironed out, you can get this gorgeous rigged mesh avatar, which is a replica of a in game Strangelings, these are currently available at the  Magic of Oz sim and will be at the Christmas Expo 2012 when it opens to the public, along with a couple of special, exclusive items!  You can totally customize it to suit your needs, it comes with a HUD with many options, including a plethora of coats, with oodles of colours to choose from to choose for each part of the coat, including all the add-ons you can get including spines, crowns, legs, tails and more.  They also come with a few AO’s and different animations, including some very cute and funny dances!  I am not as advanced as Strawberry who posted a video over on her blog, but I did manage to capture just some of the stands/sits/ and a few mid dance moves here:


You can click through for a bigger picture, I chose some christmassy colours to showcase the horns and halo available at the Christmas Expo!  They aren’t the best pics I am afraid, but you can already tell how cute the AV is!

I threw together a few different looks for you below too, to showcase just some of the options available:


I am so in love with these, I can’t wait for it all to come out of beta and into the forefront, I can feel myself being suckered back in already!

If you would like to sign up, please be a star and use my link:

WoC2: Cotton Candy

Always nice to have a cutesy colour – gives one a chance to don pretty undercrackers, wistful hair or bunny ears. I therefore heartily approve of this week’s shade, although it has left me with a certain craving for sugar.

From left to right, myself, Willis and Arbers.

WoC2: Candyfloss

Credits (left to right):

Head/Skin: LOGO – Chloe Partial Mesh Head
Hat/Hair: Miamai – Bunny Pink (Arcade Gacha)
Top: Intrepid – Joy
Pants: One Bad Pixel – Skinny Leathers

Hair: DeLa | Naomi | Blonde Baby Pink
Eyes: IKON | Sunrise | Pale Arabian Blue
Skin: Pink Fuel | Elly | Sugar | Cotton Candy
Nails: Jamman | Ultra Mesh Fingernails
Top: R2 A/D/E | Bolero Top | Pink
Shorts: R2 A/D/E | Culotte Shorts | Pink
Pose: Frooti

Hair: elikatira – mood (colour 1)
Skin/Head/Makeup/eyes: LOGO – Chloe Partial Mesh Avatar (bloom)
Shirt: Pig – Gueyabera (cotton candy)