I’ve been TANGO’d… again!

This time in the nude!

Three of my fave skin makers (and more probably, who knows!) have released appliers for the Lola Tango Boobs!  I just wanted to showcase how well the appliers match the skins, so below the cut there is some NSFW stuff!

Tango Appliers

PXL  – Hart released his appliers a week or so ago, possibly longer!  They are so gorgeuos, the nipples are soooo much better than on the original tangos, and the transition between skin and boobs is seamless!  None of the photos here have been touched up (oo-er), only collaged together.  I am wearing the Kate skinline here, with a gacha skin, I am hoping that eventually for his “special” skins, like the new VIP one, there will be appliers too!

La Petite Morte – Voshie has also released appliers for her Birgit line!  The skin I am wearing above is the palest tone, another gacha item (a winter selection!).  I didn’t even had to readjust these, they matched perfectly first time with no adjustment at all!  WTG Voshie!

Izzies – Izzie recently released a whole bunch of appliers for her skins, complete with tattoo/undershirt to wear underneath them, should you need to for whatever reason, in all the colours of the rainbow!  Or at least the colours of her skin tones.  Another seamless addition to my body here, nothing to play around with just click the HUD and go, with nipple options to boot! YAY!

This was just a small post to show some appreciation for the skin makers making appliers, I may not wear my tangos all the time, but you make life better when I do! THANK YOU!


One thought on “I’ve been TANGO’d… again!

  1. Reblogged this on Shopaholic Sisters and commented:
    I promise to share whatever I find to the few that followers of our blog. And her goes a wonderful post from one of my plurk buddies. More skin appliers out there folks. I bet they are going to keep on coming! I am so excited!

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