HOHOHO… or something.

I am lacking for inspiration for blog titles, so… sorry about that!

A few items for you in this post, Collabor88 has opened and is FULL of awesomesauce, I expect I’ll be blogging some of that for you soon enough, but for now a few random odds and ends that I love!

Lexi Morgan put out these leather ruffle skirts the other day, and I knew I had to own one, if not all of them!  So when she also later released her “Ugly Sweatshirts”, I figured that was my cue to get on down there!   Nothing says Christmas more like an Ugly Sweater, does it? We’ve all been there, some of us enjoy it, it’s a tradition to find the worst sweater, some of us just wanna be snug as a bug in a rug with a festive twist.  You maybe on either side of that fence, or on a different one all together, but I saw this Cat styled one and I knew it was mine!   There are other styles and each is standard sized, so you don’t have to worry, large or small there IS an Ugly Sweater for you!

New @ Stellar

Skin | Candydoll ** Hair | Exile

Nimil Blackflag has also started releasing again after the birth of her son, Vincent!  These oversized sweaters are Songbirds offering for Twisted Krissmuss!   I wasn’t sure about the large cuffs at first, then I realised I would love this in RL, I love sweaters like this that are meant to be big and baggy and hide a multitude of sins, including ALL the Christmas chocolates and more turkey than you can shake a stick at! YAY!   There are styled in a grungey fashion and come with a skull and splat version, with various sizes too! YAY!

Twisted Krissmuss @ Songbird

Skin | Glam Affair ** Hair | Lamb ** Necklace | Izzies

Another Arcade SL goodie collage here!  Glam Affair and Tableau Vivant teamed up to bring us HAIR! YES! HAIR! It comes in M and F versions both L and S sized, so you will probably find a good size to fit you!   These aren’t all the textures available at the Gacha, just a selection, but I am loving them!  Particularly the dip dyed ones!   A very sleek looking style, this really does work on either sex avatar, and I expect a few boys I know will be wearing this for a good while!   Make sure you get on over to the Arcade and check them out, the rares are small packs of colours too! YIPPEE!

Glam Vivant @ The Arcade

Skin | Glam Affair

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page

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