I’m a Barbie Girl.. at Christmas!

..and what better to wear as a Barbie, but some Plastik clothing.. see what I did there? Hurr Hurr!  Well, The Plastik has a TON of Christmas items right now, and of course regular ones too!   There is a wall FULL of Yule goodness, and I have just six to show you, well.. a few more than that, let’s take a look:

The goodies come in a fair few textures, all of them a greeny/red colour, or at least heading that way.  There are peppermint textures, holly textures, swirls, splats.. you name it, it’s probably there.  I picked a handful of my faves to showcase!   Do you want jeans? No problem… want to wear a corset with them? NO PROBS!! Wait, you want a dress? Plastik has that covered, want a tee? That’s cool too.   The Plastik is one of those stores, imo, that is highly underated, the workmanship on these items are great, and the textures are always so crisp and wonderful!  If you want to get dressed this Christmas, in a bit of a different style, this might be the place for you!
Plastik Post - Christmas 1Plastik Post - Christmas 2Plastik Post - Christmas 3

The skin and hair I am wearing are both from this months Collabor88!  The hair is one of two Clawtooth offerings, this is one of the new dip dye textures too, SO yummy!   The skin is Glam Affair, I haven’t taken it off yet!

These are just two of the Shoes that you can get, I love love LOVE the peppermint candy ones!!!    They come with feet attached, and a HUD for you to change skintone, although there are a few presets.  I found it quite easy to match my tone just using the colour panel, so don’t fear about it being a faff!  I love the shape of these too! YAY!

Plastik Post - Shuuuz

It’s not all red, green and candy over at The Plastik, there are normal things too, as I stated!  These Misfit Skirts are just ASLDAF.   They are SO gorgeous, I really can’t praise the texturing highly enough, I took the pics with a bit of a knee tilt, so you could see that although yes, the texture stretches slightly, it still is highly useable and ready to wear and look fabulous!  These are just eight of the many, many textures you can choose from this skirt, that’s one thing about The Plastik that draws me in, everything comes in a billionty and four options!  If you walk away with just one, i’d be surprised.

Plastik Post - Misfit Skirts

Also a few things to note! Sakide is having a SALE!  Yep, read about it below:



And a reminder that Together for Sway starts on the 15th of December, the date is closing in and I just know there are going to be thousands of things you want! Read more about it here.



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