Sunday Roast…

Nope, not with Beef, or Pork.. infact not a roast at all, but again I lacked with imagination for the titles of my blog.

So, as already stated previously a new round of C88 is open!  Today’s featured item/set from there is the gorgeous and HUGE Cheeky Pea Chestnut Winter Camp Set! No picture/s I could take could ever do this set justice, so you are just going to have to deal with my crappy ones, i’m afraid.  Isla has gone above and beyond with this set, and the great thing is every piece could work on it’s own too!   You get an Igloo both lighted and unlighted, several colours of sledge, a double sleeping bag, single sleeping bags in blue and pink, various logs (pg and adult), a campfire and to top it all off, a kettle!

The sleeping bags are so cute, they cover you up when you get inside!!!  The sleds are animated, so you can ride it (them!.. a few colours!), and the igloo has animations too!!!    Infact on the lower picture you might see my legs popping out, I forgot I was there :D.  I love that the logs are pg and adult too, not only can you keep your friends warm on a winter night with huddling up, if you’re alone you can also do the do in the snow too!  Who doesn’t want their bits and bobs to get cold just to warm them up again? I KNOW I DO!  The set is a steal, go, now.

Cheeky Pea @ Collabor88

A few other new releases!   We have three new hairs from Truth, a shoulder length style with wooshy bangs, a longer, ponytail style do, and an updo.  Biance, Moxie and Chyna are all gorgeous styles that each bring their own special beat of the drum to the table.  Whether you want to look sexy, sensual or downright cute, either of these three can help you out!  The dresses I am wearing are from Cute Poison for Twisted Krissmuss, cute and stripey, the texture is just yummy!   The necklace, also from Cute Poison is the most adorable Rainbow Prism style!  It’s for Forgotten Closet’s new round, so make sure you check that out.  Also, a simple Snakebite style piercing that will be out in store super soon, incase you don’t like a lot of metal on your face, but wanted a bit, this is for you!

New @ Truth & Cute Poison



Now, I have some Mince Pies to release from the clutches of the oven, BAI!

*SLURLS on Store Locations Page, if available

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