Take the Goat by the Ears…

Or something…  I am a Sagittarius and I am PROUD (yeah, it’s my bday on the 21st, end of the world yadda yadda, I’ll accept gifts early :D), and Hottie Cooterati’s Zodiac – Sagittarius Round is still going strong!

HopScotch do some wonderful poses and props, and this round saw a few “Archer” type sets!  I have shown both the female “Huntress” Versions below, in a collage of WOOOO!  There are Male versions too.   I really love these poses and the props are just divine, so smooth, so realistic!   I decided to wear them with the gorgeous new, and on offer (red only) set from Severed Garden! I love that store, everything is so gorgeous and pretty and REASONABLE!   The set comes with everything you see clothes/shoes wise and is a steal!  Also wearing last weeks FLF offering from Clawtooth for a bit of a dip dye change! (the items used in the background are from an old Funky Junk item!)

Hopscotch @ Zodiac

Also released for this round were these Warrior Hoops from Indrya Originals.   I am not normally a fan of huge jewellery, either in RL or SL, but these were too pretty to pass up.   They come in the colours shown and with two versions, these are, believe it or not, the small!  You can also wear a larger version too.  The one downfall of these, in my opinion is that they only come in gold, unless I am dumb!   I would of really loved to see them in Silver, hopefully maybe for another release?! Such vibrant, gorgeous items.. I’d love to wear them more often, but sadly I do not tend to do Gold in world or out!

Indyra Originals @ Zodiac

Of course I had to take a headshot of me in them, because I’m also wearing one of the two awesome Izzie Frostbite skins from this months Collabor88 and the brand new TDR Fusion special hair from LoQ!     Don’t I look ADORABLE?   My fringe is currently this long in RL too, I’ll go boss eyed soon… apparently, that’s what my mother tells me.     My piercings are from Cute Poison.

Mini LoTD - Headshot

Finally, I am really enjoying doing homey type posts, the sim I live on, I share with others so I can’t just fanny around changing seasons on a whim, so my plan is to set up a skydome for each season! We’ll see, I have zero landscaping skills so don’t hold your breath.   This house though, the Gorgeous Writing Home from Scarlet Creative deserves a dome all of it’s own.  It’s SO damn pretty.   It’s pretty large, so make sure you can furnish it, I haven’t even started yet!   It also comes with two versions, one with shadows baked on incase you can’t utilise shadows in SL and want the effect, and without.   Charlotte does such amazing work, so detailed and gorgeous, no picture could ever do it justice.

Scarlet Creative - Gorgeous Writing Home

I took a few pictures of the inside, you can click through to see them larger, and I do apologise, I did take more but I forgot to save them (DAMN YOU DIFFERENT VIEWER) and I didn’t have time to go back in and take more.  I’m pretty sure you will love what you DO see though!  You get various rooms, all spacious and with lovely windows, perfect for the view.   There are a couple of fireplaces for you to decorate and plenty of little hallways for your nick nack wall hangings and pictures.   The textures on this house blow you away, the insides are just gorgeous and you will fall in love.  Plenty of space for you, and the family, with a cute little attic room to keep the lil ones, or your other half out of mischief, or a getaway for yourself, you really must see this in world, it’s really quite out of it.. the world that is.

Scarlet Creative - Gorgeous Writing Home - Inside

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page!

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