Depraved Nations Winter Fashion Fair – F R O S T opens tomorrow 12.12.12 and it looks like it’s going to be one hell of a fantastic event!  There will be over 100 brands there offering discounted and exclusive items, live DJ’s, Fireworks and free gifts!!   I have seen many a teaser on Flickr, and I have one of my own to mention today!

Now, someone I really admire on Flickr, is AliceinChains Arun so if you want to see how someone else wears these items you should totally check out her Flickr or Blog, she is an inspiration!! /fangirl moment.

Epic is a store I adore, I haven’t really blogged a lot from there but I own a huge chunk of the store, and I am always going back for more, it’s one of those stores that just… is pure love!  Jade has a lot of items out for Frost, and exclusives too!   Everything except the horns and hair I am wearing in these pictures are for F R O S T from Epic, and I couldn’t be happier!

This is the Arcangel Set, it’s a ghostly white latex style suit, and it comes with Tango Applier HUD too, I am wearing my Tangos here too, unf it’s so pretty!!!   It comes with the mesh face/neck collar you see in three sizes, and I just fell in love with it.  I’m also wearing one of the exclusive Evangeline LUNAR skins that Epic will have for sale at the Fair too, including the gorgeous piercing eyes.

*Epic* Exclusive @ FROST - Slasher

The other item, is the Slasher Suit, again this comes with Tango Applier but I opted to wear this sans boobs, to show you that it can still look as good without them.  It’s a similar affair to the Arcangel, but the opposite, with a slashed front, hence the name!   Both of these items are just delicious and I think you will be happy to have them on your tush!

*Epic* Exclusive @ FROST - Arcangel

Other items worn in the pictures are some of the Monchrome Hunt Gift from Half Deer (they have them in gacha to! hi, I’m  a gacha addict), and both hairs are from Wasabi Pills!   Poses from aDORKable!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

Winter Fair!

Winter Fair is going on all this week and the sheer number of warm and snuggly offerings available there is astounding. You’ll be set for scarves for years to come if you nip over for a visit, let me tell you.

In the first picture below, I’m wearing the Winter Sweater and Mesh Stockings by [F[uchOn with Hannah bobbly hat hair from Tameless and some incredibly cute snowman earrings by Pure Poison. The refreshingly innocent skin in all but one of the outfits below is Riria by Shiva, with which I am rather taken.

Winter Fair

The second outfit pairs the Down Jacket from Leri Miles Designs with the Marge pants from Mayden Couture. I’m also wearing Pam hair, again from Tameless. More hair from Tameless in the third outfit, this time Estelle, with an adorable little black dress from Mimi Noire called Frill and the Mesh Hooded Cardigan by Dew, plus some Warm Boots from Piccara to keep my tootsies warm. The skin I’m wearing for that outfit is Aisha, by Chloe; I felt the chilled pink nose was appropriate with the bare legs.

Last but not least in the above set, the Marge trousers from Mayden Couture make a repeat appearance, this time in grey and paired with the Short Leather Jacket by Cheeky, nicely complemented by the Loving Necklace from Splash (which looks even better in close-up, I should add).

Winter Fair

I fell a bit in love with Intrepid’s Cover Me In… sets. I’m wearing the jacket from the Blackberry set on the left, but the outfits also come with options galore. The boots are Wintercow by Retro and are similarly delicious, as are the Winter Scarves by Yulicie and Hollyweird’s Ice Queen piercings. (The hair in the left and right outfits is Bella by CaTwA and second from the right is Gloria by Wasabi Pills – the only things in these piccies that aren’t available at Winter Fair.)

In the second outfit, I’m wearing my favourite Winter Fair item: the London Jacket by Sassy! – it comes in maaaany fabulous colours and two styles. I will probably wear them all at once through greed. I paired it with the Warm Leggings by Piccara,  Classic Tall Boots from PiChi and some really cute Ivory Horn earrings from MiWardrobe. I’m clutching a Cookie Jar by Tentacio containing gingerbread men that look an awful lot better when my camera isn’t buggering them up.

The third outfit is the Turquoise Nebula version of the Celeste dress by Miss Darcy, along with the Gabriella skin from Panda Punx and the Snowflake Mouthie from FreakyDesign. Last but not least, another personal favourite: Mimi Noire’s Mesh Hooded Cardigan and Purple Moon’s Skinny Jeans, as well as the Audrey necklace from MiWardrobe.

I’m stopping here before my fingers fall off from the typing, having barely scratched the surface of what you can pick up and squirrel away into your winter wardrobe at the Winter Fair. Good times.