Whole Lotta Stuffs!

For every one thing I blog, I tend to get 100 more in my inventory with all the sales, new releases, offer days.. it’s manic!  So I always tend to blog a fair few things at a time, this time there is a large array of products for you to peruse!

There are three new stunning styles from Exile today, all avec hats of some kind!  We have Raspberry Beret, Against the Music and A Winter’s Tale, I cannot express how much I fell in love with these instantly, my fave has to be A Winter’s Tale though with it’s slouchy beanie.    All hats are colour change, all you have to do is hover over the tip of your cute lil button nose and press and voila! As if by magic.   These styles fit just fine with mesh too! I am wearing the Cynful offering for F R O S T, the oversized sweater!  A really gorgeous sweater, or dress if you like in an array of colours, the more earthy tones I chose for these pictures tho.

New @ Exile | Cynful @ Frost

LaRoo opened to the public and had two new awesome sets of shoes for us!  I chose my absolute fave today to show you, because I own similar boots in RL that I squee’d when I saw them in the shops, I have a think for biker boots with studs, what can I say?   These boots are mesh but not rigged, so you can change the size, which I found handy because I found the generic size they came in a bit small for my footsies!  They come in an array of tasty colours, I’ve donned one on each foot for a bit of a run through of what colours you can find, whether you want traditional black, burnt orange, moss green or a plum purple amongst many others, these boots are just lovely.   The texturing is amazing, the meshwork impeccable, and they just ooooooze sex!

LaRoo - Clyde Boots

Blueberry have also had a bit of a release!   This mesh knotted jacket – Racel is just lovely.   It comes in all the colours below, in standard sizes and is perfect paired with jeans, or slacks, or a skirt or whatever else may take your fancy.  It’s a simple jacket with a wrap around belt tied in a knot giving it that little bit of a centerpiece look, something to avert the eyes from the cleavage, if you’re a bit like me and don’t wear a shirt underneath!   Either way I know I love it, classic with a sexy twist.. or knot.   The hair I am wearing in this picture is the Exile hair for Together for Sway, available in two packs this hair is a must for anyone that wants to help AND look awesome!

New @ Blueberry | Racel

Also from Blueberry are these Marley pants, available in a majority of the colours you see above, I thought they would match the jacket but I was wrong!  This big bow got in the way, but who am I to complain when they look so lovely?!   Each set of colour comes in various sizes and each size has three colours of belt, as you can see below.  They look sexy from the back, classy from the front, and the bow just gives it an extra kick of awesome.

New @ Blueberry | Marley


Not only do Exile have hair out at Together for Sway, so does MINA!  You may remember this hair/mask combo from Cinema, well.. it’s out for TFS with exclusive and new mask colours, as well as a special hair colour pack, or at least I believe it’s special! I don’t recall these carnival colours before, unless I am blind which I could well be, so don’t hold me to that.   I love the unicorny purple/pink mix, but they’re all pretty!   Izzie has a special set of FUYU lipsticks out, 5 of which can be seen below, and Olive have this gorgeous necklace with snowflake detailing, available in various metals.

Together for Sway | Mina & Olive

Finally just a LoTD I threw together with a few of my new items, a staple and fave of mine (the fri.day jeans) and Izzie’s beautiful skin, which is featured throughout the post, from Collabor88!   I do love Izzie, she makes me look so pretty!   Make sure you check out both her Frostbite Skins at C88, you won’t be disappointed!

LoTD - 13/12/12

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

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