Leanin’ On the Lampost

Yep, that’s me, Leanin’ on a Lampost, but not at the corner of the street, nope! Outside my lovely winter home!

This is another Together for Sway fest, I hope you like it!  I have loved poking around there, I am so excited for it to open!

Cynful have some of their gorgeous mesh jeans out for sale, in three different styles, and of course each style comes in various sizes and bootcut, skinny and flare (I think! my memory is bad and I only took the pics this morning!)  They are quite low cut, so you do get a bit of bumcrack but hey ho, sometimes you gotta show a lil, right? I paired them up with the lovely pink poncho from TRS which is available too!   I then took a leisurely stroll around my winter wonderland and placed the lampost that Dutchie has out on the ground, and I fell in love!

Leanin' on The Lampost

As I leaned against it, I figured the shot would look better with the 1st gift of the 12 days of Christmas that Auxiliary is having! Well it’s $L50 but that’s a gift in itself, a cheap, awesome product!   You get the option of with or without bow too, so don’t fear, men… you can wear them too!   I’m also wearing shoes from Ducknipple in the pic above (and below but you can’t see them) which I got from the marketplace!   Also worn is one of the three gorgeous skins that Essences has out for Together for Sway!   They come in the same tone, but you can choose three different makeups, each skin comes with various brow options and blush tattoo layers, as well as freckles and an upper lip mole.  I love them, so smooth and pretty! I couldn’t help but  CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE


Then the love of my SLife saved my SLife by coming online for me to pose while I played with the Dutchie Lampost!  Yep, it’s a couples lampost, although some of them work as well with a single, as you can see above.   I haven’t shown all the options here, but I think you’ll agree these in themselves are worth it, they are animated, so I didn’t capture them in all their awesomeness, but I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed!   I love the argue one (2nd one top row) all pointing fingers and waving hands, then the making up one, as well as a few flirting, a couple kissing and just all of them so sweet and lovely!

Dutchie @ Together for Sway

*SLURLS, if available, can be found on the Store Location page

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