Goody Goody Gumdrops!

I love holidays in SL, it brings forth an array of events, not all sales or special prices, but just some good old fashioned fun.

The first Event I am SQUEEEEEEEEing all over town about at the minute is the Christmas Fair hosted by Vespertine!.   On the Pure Dreams sim from the 15th through to the 31st this small and quaint fair is full of gorgeous goodies. It’s a small event, and includes stores such as Cheeky Pea, Noodles, Floorplan, Lame and MORE… including my new fave store Half-Deer!    I took a stroll around this AM and was floored by the stuff there, it may be a small event but it’s awesome!

Christmas Fair!

As I strolled through the gates I was like OMGGGGG and UGGHHHHH I NEED LINDENS and /DEAD at how pretty it was all set out, for such a small area it sure packs a great punch.   There are so many cute goodies that I fatpacked three things as I walked through the door, despite the promise I made myself that I would spend NOTHING until after Christmas after spending my SLifesavings at Together for Sway, but what the hey, that was a good cause and so is this… because this one makes me pretty!  Make sure you go and check it out and take your boyf, I mean wallet with you!

Christmas Fair - Stalls

Also happening as we speak is the 12 Days of Christmas at Ploom!  I mentioned a few posts back that Auxiliary is doing one, and then I remembered Ploom was too!   1 new awesome hair a day, and one new pose/prop too, I have these and I need to snappity snap pictures, but I wanted to post a reminder that you should check them out too!

12 Days of Christmas @ Ploom

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