Lazy Sunday @ What Next!

I had actually planned to blog these tomorrow, then I realised it would no longer be Sunday, and we were no longer being lazy! (well a majority of us)… so I decided to a quick blog now so you can go fetch them while they are still a steal!

What Next has a set of four posed Chalkboards out for Lazy Sunday this week and boy oh boy are they FUN! I took time out of a serious photoshoot… well by serious I mean I was dressed in formal attire, to have a bit of fun with these babies and lighten the mood!  You may need to click through for a bigger picture
Lazy Sunday @ What Next
There are four boards in total, each with their own custom pose, and a piece of chalk too!  I found the Angel pose for me, the arms didn’t quite meet like I was praying, so I improvised and put the chalk in the middle and slapped on a goofy face!

I really love these, they are perfect for decor, even if you never use them to pose against!   A really unique idea, I really love the angel and the deer ones.   The hair I am wearing is new Truth (half of one style didn’t rez but HEY, it worked and looked good, so booyah), and the clothing is all Baiastice and the skin is Essences, but more about those on tomorrows blog… for now, check out the Lazy Sunday deal at What Next before it’s no longer Sunday!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page

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