Christmas Eve…ning.

Ok so this morning I was kinda cutesy with my look, now I’m kinda elegant, except for the fact I have a stonking great santa hat on ūüėÄ

What more do you want for a nice, elegant night out than a gorgeous dress, sensual gloves… and a santa hat?! ¬†This is the kinda thing i’d do in RL, pfft elegant ladies can have fun too! RIGHT?! ¬†This gorgeous dress is from Sakide at the moment and comes complete with the gloves and the santa hat too, so really, it was my duty to wear it all as one, OH YES.

Christmas Eve

I saw on Flickr earlier than Mandala have a few pieces out for a super $L97! ¬†So I ran on over there and picked them all up, amongst them was this Osenbai set! ¬†You can get it in Silver or Gold, I went for Silver as I much prefer Silver over Gold in any life (well platinum really but shhh i’m spoiled). ¬†This is an amazing set for the price and you should¬†definitely¬†pick it up while you can. ¬†Also worn is a demure TSG skin, this is Baby in the XiaXue tone and I think I love it! It’s not a store I’ve been to a lot but I’ve seen it about and just love the cute little faces, so I treated myself a few weeks back, and now I have it on! ¬† You can wear it without the teeth layer, don’t worry ūüėõ

I am wearing IKON eyes and LaViere hair, my santa hat hides the cute little beret it comes with, but it’s still gorgeous!

Christmas @ Mandala


I probably wont’ be able to get on to blog tomorrow, as you know, CHRISTMAS DAY! ¬†So have a wonderful holiday, all ‚̧

*SLURLS, if availble, are on the Store Locations page

Christmas Eve!

Everyone is excited.. or are they?

LoTD - 24/12/12

I gotta admit I am feeling rather bah humbug this year, tomorrow when gifts are opened and faces are happy though, I know I’ll feel differently! ¬†But what better to treat yourself to in SL than a nice new dress, some new hair and a new skin?? If only it were that easy in RL, right? ¬†Well this dress is available from Sysys for the Capricorn round of Zodiac, it’s available in a handful of colours but I chose a festive red! ¬†It’s a cute little dress that can be worn as dress or top, if you feel it’s too short! ¬† The hair is another 12 Days of Christmas hair from Ploom and comes with and without the coontail option, but I rather like it with, makes for a bit of a change, no? ¬†The skin is Al Vulo and is from TDR Fusion, Lyala is cute and gorgeous and comes with eyes and lashes too (not shown), and is a total steal! ¬†YAY!

I decided to have a bit of a play with makeup today, with my new Al Vulo skin, I paired the MONS makeups available from TDR Fusion too. ¬†MONS has two sets out, lipsticks and eyeshadows. ¬†I was immediately drawn to the lips as they look so luscious and kissable, they come in some kooky colours but where is the fun in trying things on if you don’t get to look a bit different to the norm?! ¬†I think my fave might actually be the Green, so cute!

Mons @ TDR Fusion | Lipsticks

The eyeshadows available are quite heavy and glittery as you can see, so definitely not for every day wear, unless this is what you wear every day, then yay! good job.  The sparkles are heavy, and there is a little splash of colour in the corners to co-ordinate outfits with. HUZZAH!

Mons @ TDR Fusion | Eyeshadow

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page, if available.