It’s the End of Another Year…

..and what is going to happen?  Who knows what 2013 holds in store, 2012 has been an ok year for me, so I can’t complain!

W.Winx @ My Attic

Most people celebrate seeing in the New Year with a drink, with friends, with food… some prefer solitude. Me? I’ll be sharing a drink with RL Mr Willis and telling the kids to go to bed a billionty times, I was invited out with work bestie and was given a pass from the Mr, but to be honest, I am a homebody at heart now, and I love the silly TV Programmes at New Year, it looks, however, that Willis is ready to partayyyy!  This WinxBox is available at My Attic but that ends TODAY!  Whimsy made a lovely prop/pose box with all the New Year Trimmings, and it comes with all the poses you see, it’s also able to hold more than one person, so it would make for some lovely group shots!  Make sure you check it out BEFORE the New Year kicks in!  She added in extra years, so it’s totes reusable, GOOD JOB, WHIMSY!

The dress I am wearing is the gorgeous new number from Shabby Cat! A glittery goddess of a dress, not too short but not too long that you’re tripping over, and it comes in some really lovely sparkly colours as you can see below (the multi is a VIP special, I believe).   It’s a lovely item made entirely from Mesh and is perfect to get your partayyyy on with.    The boots I am wearing that you can just about make out in the above picture are the Fringed Boots new from SAKIDE! I have a lot of new Sakide goodies to blog, but one thing at a time, eh?!   Hair is from Alice Project and is one of the newer styles, there has been a bit of a deal going on for NY that I only just caught on to, new styles are being released in a NY countdown, with whopping 50% discount! Don’t fear if you’ve missed them, they are available Jan 1st with a 25% discount instead, which you cannot snub!  Also worn is the Amberly skin from Glam Affair and the poses are from *Frooti!  Yep *Frooti is still alive, just… hasn’t been updated in a while, i’ve been preoccupied, but who knows how long the poses will remain, you should visit! 😛

New @ Shabby Cat

I hope to do another post before the year ends, but if I don’t man age it. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available

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