Day 7 of 365 LoTD Posts & Prism!

Hellooooo, good morning, welcome to Day 7!

Day 7 of 365 LoTD Posts

A simple LoTD today!   Just a sexy new dress I picked up from Sn@tch, Ivey releases so much that I fall behind constantly, I saw this recently and knew I needed it and finally yesterday I remembered to scoot on over and pick it up!  Make sure you DEMO anything from Sn@tch, because sometimes I am a M, sometimes I am an S and on occasion I am an L!   And of course you buy by size, so you get all the colours in just the size you want!  YAY!    I paired it up with Exile’s gorgeous new hair that you got a sneak peek of last night, from FaMESHed, a longer style with whispy strands and all the makings for a staple hair.   To accessorize I wanted something simple, so opted for the Marrakesh Heart Necklace from Maxi Gossamer in Silver.  My nails are the Diamond Edition Mesh Nails from Pixel Mode, tinted to look dark, and my skin is new from Insufferable Dastard!  Lily is a Single Skin Pack and comes with skin, shape, eyes and 6 extras including freckles, lashes and makeup on tattoo layers and all for under $L400! YAY!

Also today, I bring you the new Seattle Mountain Cabin from Prism!  Yep, Lilly has delved into the house making world and you are in for a TREAT! Everything Prism churns out is so detailed and gorgeous, and this cabin is no exception to that rule.   It’s not huge, so you don’t have to worry about having to fill hundreds of rooms up, but it’s big enough to get some gorgeous looks going on.  I have chosen to show the shell, as I usually do with new houses, so you get a feel for the space.

Everything you can see except the large tree with lanterns (which is from New Trails) comes with the house, of course if you don’t want the rocks and plants you can simply take them away, but for a noob like me that cannot landscape to save my life, it’s a nice start.

New @ Prism | Outer

When you step up onto the porch you’re greeted with a double opening door and a porch swing and you’re already feeling super rustic.  As you enter you’re met with an open space area with a gorgeous working fireplace and stacked mirror frames with 2 lights either side, above you, you get a petal shaped light/fan dealio and to the right you have a small opening with a smaller side room with windows looking out.   When you turn to your right you get a door into another room of good size complete with side window and gorgeous bay window too!   The perfect house for a small but happy family!

New @ Prism | Inner

*SLURLS can be found, if available, on the Store Locations page.

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