Stop, Collabor88 and Listen…

 ..Willis is back with, something something something… PLEASE CLICK ON THE PICS FOR A LARGER ONE!

Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88

Yep! New Collabor88 is now OPEN! It’s full of wonderous goodies and this time the bloggers were asked to give their help/choices in a palette, I hope you like it!   I bring you a quick post with the delectable items from both Trompe Loeil and Cheeky Pea!

This is the gorgeous Newport Beach Cottage from Trompe Loeil, it’s fully Mesh and covers a 17×34 footprint with a land impact of 96.  This gorgeous two story beach cottage comes with home control centre, privacy windows and locking doors, infact you have options to choose from with your blinds etc, so you can be as private or voyeuristic as you like!   It’s available in five exterior colours and is simply divine.

Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88  | Interior

As you can see it’s not HUGE, but it’s plenty spacious for what anyone could need, there lovely wall of windows and a back porch that you can sit and look out of forever, and of course there is a set of doors so you can wander in and out gazing at the view.  The house itself sits on elevated pillars, and you have two entrances/exits to get into the gorgeous indoors, and once you’re in, you probably won’t want to leave!  It’s full of windows so lets lots of light in and upstairs is the perfect area for a love nest, a general hangout area or your own personal office, the choices are endless.  It’s something you will want to own and it’s set out at an AMAZING $L288.  Yep!

Cheeky Pea @ Collabor88

I decided to fill one of my little nooks with the divine Ansel Set from Cheeky Pea.   The set comes with various bits and pieces of original mesh items all at different land impact, but nothing massive!  You get a choice of PG or Adult Sofa/Chair and the Sofa comes with 21 Single Animations, 5 Friend Animations, 21 Couple/Cuddle Animations, and 40 Adult animations (in adult version) including MF, MM, FF, and MMF/FFM and includes self rezzing and wearable props for that extra touch.

I rezzed everything to show you what there is and took a lil few closeups of each.  The work on these items, as always, is amazing and my fave has to be the mini terrarium of the Beetlejuice House!!!   How adorable is THAT???

Cheeky Pea @ Collabor88 | Collage

TP to Collabor88 and purchase these wonderous items TODAY!

One thought on “Stop, Collabor88 and Listen…

  1. My mouth literally dropped open when I saw this post! To say I am super excited about heading over there is a severe understatement!!

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