These Four Walls…

are destined to stay, they say I’m guilty and the guilty must pay….

Four Walls Hunt

Of course if you aren’t into Britpop of the mid 90s, you will have no clue that I just quoted one of my all time favourite songs! So i’ll link the video at the end for your viewing pleasure 😛

The Four Wall Hunt starts verrryyyyy shortly and boy oh boy, are you in for some treats!  With just two of the wonderful items shown here, and many more to be had!   The two I am showcasing today are the gorgeous Pallet Bed from Trompe Loeil and the Modular Shelving Unit from Scarlet Creative!

The Bed itself is.. well.. what it says on the tin! It’s a little bed made up from Pallet’s with a couple of poofy cushions and a blanket, it comes with a plethora of poses and the cushions remind us of what we should all remember… Life is Beautiful!  Another excellently made item from Cory, textures are amazing, poses are spot on and it’s generally just a really nice item, not too fancy, not too shabby… just right!   Of course the colouring on it matches the Modular Shelving from Charlotte just wonderfully!   The shelving comes in different forms, with little bits you can fit together yourself to make something unique, or if you’re like me you just want the job done, so I put out one of the ready made, bigger shelving units.   Perfect for a little nook, or a large cranny and ready for you to fill with wonderous items!

So! Are you ready to hunt? You should be!

*Clothing worn by Sakide, Skin by Glam Affair, Hair by Elikatira and Mesh Hands and Feet by Slink… ❤

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations Page

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