Circa @ Four Walls Hunt

Circa is one of those stores that you just can’t get enough of…. here is their Four Walls item…

Circa @ Four Walls Hunt

The Four Walls hunt carries on until the 31st of January and if you haven’t done it yet, you really should!  This is one of the many things that will blow your socks off!   The items are set for sale for a mere $L20, which is worth it any way you look it, and Circas happened to be this gorgeous Infinity Cloud Studio.  It’s an open space concept type dealio, which I happen to love anyway, surround on all sides by glass.. well mostly.  It has a couple partitions and 3 skylights that let a really reasonable amount of light in.   You walk up the steps and you see the first, main, open plan area with a gorgeous wooden floor detail, then you see the two smaller rooms off to the left and right, one of them has pretty coloured glass too! YAY!

Do remember to do the hunt before it finishes, you’ll cry if you don’t! and go to Circa and check out their other items too, you won’t be sorry!


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