Circa @ The Retreat

Yes! Another Circa post, I am trying to play CATCH UP!

Circa @ The Retreat - Skybox

I had to blog these, because they are from The Retreat and they are all currently $L50, so you have to go and get them before it’s too late!!! *PANICFACE*.   I picked up all of the items, but my inventory seems to have eaten one of them, so you will see three of the items available here, the other one.. well… you won’t!

First we have a gorgeous skybox, and while the items aren’t mesh they are still super high quality and sooooo lovely, they aren’t huge in prims either.   It’s a really spacious little number, perfect for a little hideaway with princess pink walls and a tiny little garden out the front, by the window.  The lanterns also flickr on and off, it’s a really nice little touch to a perfect little pretty skybox!

Also available are these lovely items below.  The Sakura Blossom Table and “De Lovely” Candlestick.  Both items come with 2 in a pack and look at the table! SO PRETTY and it matches the skybox perfectly.  The candlestick is really sweet, but I wish it was in a pink colour so it matched my new box and table, but hey… it’s lovely just the way it is!

Circa @ The Retreat - Table/Candle

*SLURLS for main store and events can all be found on the Store Locations

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