Petra @ Evian

I didn’t know that Evian was part of Egoisme, or that they did skins, so this whole post has been a lesson for me, WAKE UP WILLIS, ITS 2013!!!

Petra @ Evian

Petra is the latest female skin from Evian and is a skin with sharp features!  She looks freshfaced with pouty lips and is available in a variety of tones, as seen above.  Also with this release you get the option of the new “Vividtone” tattoo layer, which allows you to change the colour of the skin with just the click of two of a button, but more about Vividtone below.

Each Petra pack has 12 skins, 3 cleavages, 3 different eyebrows options and a no eyebrows option too, you get fatpack options with extras too, if you want to fatpack it!  You also get various makeup options available to you including eyeshadow, lip stain and blush, I have just shown a couple of mix and matches for you below:

Petra @ Evian - Makeups

The Vividtone layer comes on a tattoo with different brows/cleavages and you wear it over the skin and use it like you would any tattoo that is editable, you open it up and change the hue, you can see below that I’ve had a play and found a few “regular” tones and some fantasy ones too.  Whether you just want to tint it slightly to make yourself a bit more peachy keen, or you want to give yourself a slight suntan this will help!  If you want to be a bright pink fairy or a marine blue mermaid.. this will help!  Wanna be zombie green? YOU GOT IT!  YAY!  A world of options for you to play with here.

Petra @ Evian - Vividtone

TP To Evian!

Hair by Elikatira | Eyes by IKON | Underoos by CandyDoll | Tattoo by Half Deer

Day 27 of 365 LoTD – Lazy Sunday & New @ Zaara!

A few new goodies for you today, thrown in with a LoTD!

Day 27 of 365 LoTD - Lazy Sunday

Today sees a very simple LoTD with really just a sweater, so I decided to add What Next’s Lazy Sunday items in the background too! These are available today for a reduced cost and you can put them out a singles, or one big linked party of prints, very classy and a great addition to ANY room decor!   The Sweater from NiNight Creations I am wearing is actually an old Lazy Sunday item.   Again, it is a simple piece of clothing, just a thick knit hoodie really, but being able to wear it like a dress is a bonus, so I don’t have to fit any jeans or leggings under it YAY!  I am also wearing one of the three new Truth Hairs.   This is the cutsey of the lot, Essie… a pig tail style that’s simple, cute and makes me want to suck on a lollipop!

Worn above, and below is one of the Al Vulo TDR Fusion Skins, you can find three makeups there all in this sultry Chocolate tone, very pretty.   Below I showcase just one of the colours of the new mesh Zaara Jewellery line!  The Atiriya Jewellery set is a gorgeous work of art available in 6 stone options (including both gold and silver metals) and the bonus is you can buy each piece individually or get a discounted set as well as a huuuuuge mega fatpack!

New @ Zaara

You can see the love and care that has gone into creating these items, so intricate and detailed, so beautiful and whimsical!  I love them.   I have opted to show the Turquoise colour as it’s one of my fave colours, which will be YOUR fave?

More credits below.

Happy Sunday, folks ❤

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Credits for LoTD

Hair: Truth | Essie | Toast *NEW*
Skin: Al Vulo | Eleonor | Chocolate | Natural *TDR Fusion*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Leather
Tattoo: Half Deer | Key Tattoo *The Retreat*
Nails: Jamman | Ultra Mesh Fingernails
Sweater: Ninight Creations | Mesh Ladies Hooded Loose Sweater

Credits for New @ Zaara

Hair: Elikatira | Early
Skin: As Above
Tattoo: As Above
Eyes: As Above
Bra: The Sea Hole *Collabor88*