Gos Boutique

Yep, I finally went on over to Gos Boutique and I got SHOES.. and feet.

Gos Boutique

These are all raw shots from SL, just all bundled together, to show you how truely beautiful they look just as they come!  To my UTTER ashtonishment, I fell totally in love with every pair of the shoes (although I didn’t save one for the close ups, but its in the main pic!!  I LOGGED OUT, SORRY!) and I was blown away by that because I don’t normally *do* shoes.  I’m not your typical SQUEEE OMGGG SHOES type of girl, never have been in RL or SL, but I had to get one pair of each and then I had to tear myself away and TP away before I relented and got Fatpacks, sadly that is not within my budget but oh my god, I wish it were, and its RARE that I say that about anything these days, let alone shoes!

There were four pairs of shoes released, and two pairs of feet.  I didn’t buy the arched feet… yet… but like I said I did buy one of each pair of shoe.  The detailing on them is amazeballs and the best thing of all is that they come with a Skin Matching HUD with already over 200 presets and counting in it!   I don’t mind matching skin but it’s SO much easier if you can just skim a database instead of having to tweak and get it just right.  To my utter delight the tone and skin I was wearing actually matched the tone the shoe came in, but I still played around and I was really impressed.  A lot of things have skin matching HUDS, but this was really neat, really simple, clean and well done.

Gos Shoooes and Feet

The feet are also great, very lifelike and the toes are fantastic, I have a thing about the toes on mesh feet, they gotta be good or they gotta go home!  I have nothing but good things to say about EVERYTHING!  The cute lil pouffe in the top picture is also for sale, a collab between Gos and OOO Studios and it comes in tons of colours with over 3 pages of poses! YAY!

I can see a lot of trips back to GOS in my future, but I might have to find me a sugar daddy first, the prices are NOT unreasonable for the items… they come in at $L795 a pair, just under $5Lk for a fatpack and the feet were under $L600, all very reasonably priced but there were so many options that I wanted them ALL..  so I had to be sensible and say NO WILLIS, THEY AREN’T LIMITED EDITION.. GO BACK IN A FEW DAYS *unsureface*.

So, I don’t take fancypants pics (well I try but fail) but hopefully this simple looking post with show you just how awesome they look without all the bangs and whistles in a picture, but I know i’ll be using them in my practise pictures to try and better myself, for sure.

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page, if available

Hair by Magika | Skin by Glam Affair | Underoos by Sakide

Day 28 of 365 LoTD!

Cuteeeeeeesy look today!

Day 28 of 365 LoTD

My LoTD took me to a new level today! I layered things. LAYERED THINGS! You’d think a veteran like myself (hi, it’s my 9th Rezday soon) I’d have learnt the art of layering and embraced it, but I lack simple skills sometimes, however… I knew what I wanted to wear with this so I branched out. SOMEONE GIVE ME A GOLD STAR.

I saw this COCO Sweater on the feeds and was like MINE MINE MINE, so I went and got it and then accidently wore my Ricielli Bandage Dress from TDR under it, and found it actually looked good!  So I just put on a larger version of the sweater over the dress and the look was born. HUZZAH!

I’m also wearing one of the new My Ugly Dorothy skins – Vivian.   You can see all the makeups below in the Burly tone.   I love how cute MUD Skins look on me, slightly different from my norm, but totally works too.

New @ My Ugly Dorothy

*SLURLS if available, can be found on the Store Locations Page


Hair: Truth | Laurie | Pumpkin *NEW*
Skin: My Ugly Dorothy | Vivian 08 | Burly *NEW*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Leather
Top: COCO | Cropped Sweater & Shirt | BeigeGrey
Dress: Ricielli | Bandage Minidress | Naked *TDR Fusion*
Jewellery: Donna Flora | Pigalle | Onix
Pose: *Frooti

Ode to Donna Flora

I am not a huge jewellery person in SL, same with Shoes, but I am trying to accessorise more lately, and this post is dedicated to Donna Flora!

Ode to Donna Flora!

Donna Flora is currently having a sale, it won’t last too long, so you should get on over there while you can and pick up some wonderful goodies. You won’t be able to get the above set, as it was for My Second Box subscribers only, but it’s still gorgeous and shows the depth and feeling that goes into every piece that Squinternet makes.

Ode to Donna Flora!

The set above is one of my all time faves from DF, I think.  The Bodza set was created for Miss Hungary 2013.  It comes with diadem, necklace, earrings and ring is is absolutely exquisite.   The pearls are spot on, the jewels shimmer and sparkle and just make this piece one of the most divine around.  And best of all, its non rigged mesh so it’s super high quality.

Ode to Donna Flora!

The final piece showcased today is Irina.  This was made for Miss Finland 2013 and comes with Necklace, Earrings and Ring.  Another gorgeous pearl piece with sprinkles of diamonds and oozing with class.  These are the type of jewels that I wouldn’t wear in RL, because I couldn’t pull them off, but I’d hoard them forever and stroke them lovingly.

Make sure you go right now, before the sale is over an stock up on some wonderful goodies from clothing, to shoes, to jewels.  $L50 sales are the best!

TP to Donna Flora!

Hair by Truth | Skin by Glam Affair | Eyes by IKON