Ode to Donna Flora

I am not a huge jewellery person in SL, same with Shoes, but I am trying to accessorise more lately, and this post is dedicated to Donna Flora!

Ode to Donna Flora!

Donna Flora is currently having a sale, it won’t last too long, so you should get on over there while you can and pick up some wonderful goodies. You won’t be able to get the above set, as it was for My Second Box subscribers only, but it’s still gorgeous and shows the depth and feeling that goes into every piece that Squinternet makes.

Ode to Donna Flora!

The set above is one of my all time faves from DF, I think.  The Bodza set was created for Miss Hungary 2013.  It comes with diadem, necklace, earrings and ring is is absolutely exquisite.   The pearls are spot on, the jewels shimmer and sparkle and just make this piece one of the most divine around.  And best of all, its non rigged mesh so it’s super high quality.

Ode to Donna Flora!

The final piece showcased today is Irina.  This was made for Miss Finland 2013 and comes with Necklace, Earrings and Ring.  Another gorgeous pearl piece with sprinkles of diamonds and oozing with class.  These are the type of jewels that I wouldn’t wear in RL, because I couldn’t pull them off, but I’d hoard them forever and stroke them lovingly.

Make sure you go right now, before the sale is over an stock up on some wonderful goodies from clothing, to shoes, to jewels.  $L50 sales are the best!

TP to Donna Flora!

Hair by Truth | Skin by Glam Affair | Eyes by IKON

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