Sexy Skyboxes AHOY!!

I have to admit something to you, readers (or accidental stumblers)… My name is Willis, and I… I am a skybox hoarder.


I can’t resist homes and skyboxes, it doesn’t matter if I need them, it doesn’t matter if they’re free, cheap, expensive, black, white, yellow, brown, blue… come with a garden, come furnished, empty, dark, dank, colorful or bright. I JUST LOVE THEM!  Two super skyboxes were released over the last week or so, and I am here to SQUEE over them.

The first is the loft from Elate!   The features of this industrial type beauty include a modern fireplace with a whole wall full of windows, a loft style bedroom/office area at the top of the stairs, a small, walled room with just arch access that you can use as a little hideaway, built in, soft lighting and sooo much detail from the pipes down to the fireplace, the radiator to the brick walls.   It is a beauty.  It’s a 64 prim equivalent which is really good for such a detailed piece of art!  I really REALLY dig it, it can be a mancave, a love nest, a modern hangout, a capsule of LOVE… brighten it up, grunge it out or just… admire it.  You will LOVE it!

Also released recently was this skybox from HANDverk! You can choose from single or double Longchamp skybox, I am showcasing the single in this picture below (you can view bigger if you click and follow thru to flickr).  It’s got a lovely, classy feel to it, it’s bright and airy with lights included that sparkle and shine and are lovely and remind me of posh houses or foyers where you look and go “mustn’t break that, don’t swing from it, nonononono”.  The single is equivalent to 16 prims and double 31 prims, both are big enough to be comfy, but you may need the double if you’d like to spread out a bit.  Either way it’s a classy, elegant box perfect for pictures, living or just hosting a fabulous do!


*SLURLS can be found on the Store Location Page, if available!

Day 29 of 365 LoTD – SL Fashion Week Style

Yep, we’re doing this thing SL Fashion Week STYLE, YO!

Day 29 of 365 LoTD

I finally got my ass on over there to pick up the shoes i’d been eyeing up, as well as the jewellery!  I ended up going on a bit of a spree.  Full credits are below but here is my blurb:   I love the shoes from BSD!  A store I think I’ll be visiting very often. The mesh is original and creative, and it comes with a nifty swifty little hud that allows you to change both skintone and nail polish really quickly!  It seems i’m turning into something of a shoe hoarder! :O.   The dress is from AUTRES and compliments the shoes wonderfully, I got it in black but there were a handful more colours to choose from, the shoes, by the way, came in a billionty (ok a few less than that) choices, yayyy!  My fave pieces of the whole ensemble have to be the Mr Me Stashing Set from Olive,  you can buy it individually in gold or silver, but I just got the fatpack, the gems are colour change and it comes with bracelet, necklace and ring.   WEEEE!

New @ Tuli

Tuli is BACK BABY! YEAHHH with a new main store on the brand spankin new and redone Cupcakes sim, I am sooo happy she is!  Here you can see Helena in Powder with all the skins plus a variation of lip glosses/mattes that are available, but not all because there are 30!!!  Four skins are available, Helena is just one of them which we saw a sneak peek of at The Dressing Room!   I always loved Tuli Skins because they are well texured, realistic looking without being scary and make you look mature enough to not be a teenager but young enough to not be old.. if that makes sense.   There are a variety of tones available, with more on the way AND appliers, so I hear!   A stunning comeback, Tuli… we are glad to have you back ❤

*SLURLS, if available are on the Store Locations Page


Hair: Magika | Now
Skin: Tuli | Helena | Powder | 09 Dimples w/Sheer Nude Gloss Lips *NEW*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Leather
Dress: Autres | Titian Dress | Blaq *SL Fashion Week*
Jewellery: Olive | The Mr.Me Stashing Set | Silver *SL Fashion Week*
Shoes: BSD | Top Model | Blk Quilted – Colour 1 *SL Fashion Week*
Pose: Adorkable