I love Lamp.

It’s true, I do.


Breno has gone lamp CRAZY!  Whether you want actual, proper looking lamps, professional looking lamps, big lamps, small lamps or jellyfish lamps… this is the store for you!   Ok so it’s not like Lamps R Us but it does have a nice selection.    I really love the Jellyfish one which you can see in the picture above.  I am showing the Glass version, but you can choose from Black or White too!   It comes with flexible scripting options so you can change glow, intensity, colour and more and it’s only 4 land impact. SWEET!

Lamps @ Breno

The other two lamps shown here are the NYX Lamp and the Lumos, more “professional” looking lamps than the fun Jellyfish, but with the same flexible scripting as the lamp above, these make for wonderful additions to your loft, your home, your mancave or even your store.

Make sure you TP to Breno to check them out!