… hammertime.. no wait that isn’t right.   I logged in today and had these awesome goodies waiting for me, and couldn’t resist a lil collage of awesome.

New @ Truth & Half Deer

Truth released three new awesome hairs, all very plain and simple, although one of them (Tenille, on the left) comes with 2 versions, you can wear it with or without a giant mesh bow, I wanted to wear my Half Deer veils that are available at SL Fashion week!   They are so cute and just in time for valentines day, so look cute AND classy!  I’m also wearing a new skin from TAPS and a new dress from Cynful, but I shall be back to blog about them at a later date.

So.. in the NO1CURR STAKES…. I will still be logging in, trying to blog at least once every few days/once a week and keep on top of stuffs, but after 9yrs I think I need a bit of an SL holiday, and with Elikatira closing and stuff happening in RL, it seems like the perfect time to try and get myself sorted and get myself back to a place in SL where I have fun and stuffs, if I can. This isn’t a huge announcement like OMG I QUIT or anything like that, I just think SL, for me, has become a bit of a chore of late rather than a place I enjoy and have fun or relax, so time to try and jig that up, what does that mean and why should you care?  Well it doesn’t really mean anything other than I may not be the blogging machine I have been known to be, and you shouldn’t care, but just incase you wondered why i’d started posting less, or not logging in as much, now you know!… and also I’ve started a blog in RL about my cake endeavors.  I’ve always wanted to make cakes, like… decent great big stonking Ace of Cakes type cakes, that ain’t ever happening, but I would like to utilise the equipment and tools I have and try to at least step up and do something I’ve always wanted! When I have it up and running properly, anyone that’s interested, i’ll give a link to!    You can see my disasters and hopefully some triumphs.

Have a great rest of your weekend ❤

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

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