The Ghost of You

I have been in a bit of a funk recently, many factors, different things, mostly my own mind whirring like crazy and I was gently reminded today that every look tells a story, to make of things what I want, after all, it is your world, your imagination… so imagine this…

Platform Loitering

It’s a cool, cold night back in the day, the days of war torn lands and steam trains, the days of lost love and waving off your love ones with a handkerchief.   She stood solitary on the platform, her duffle coat the only thing keeping the crisp air from biting at her skin, her platinum blonde locks floating in the wind, her stunning headpiece she’d bought especially for the occasion giving a pop of colour to match her cherry red lips.   He’d gone.. for how long was a mystery to him, to her, to everyone but she knew that she would be strong and look forward to the day he returned.  She’d tucked a small reminder of her inside his uniform, one of the petite butterflies from her hat, she hoped he’d keep it close to his heart and whenever he looked at it, feel the flutter of hers against his.

The Ghost of You

Of course this love was eternal and the wars raged on for years, decades, fads came in, fads faded out, people learned to jive, then caterpillar, then the robot until finally the macarena was born.. but still her love was unwaivered. On the date of their anniversary she wore her special coat, her hat, she curled her hair into the same style and she looked through old pictures, memories of him flashed before her, she smiled and she was happy.  Imagine her delight when one  day she returned home to find a variety of clutch purses scattered on her floor, shaped  as hearts with cute little messages on like Be Mine, True Love, Cutie Pie… all the things he’d said to he before he’d left, and a small note just reading “The Wars rage, but my heart still beats, and it beats only for you”… somehow, in the magical world the way it was, he had managed to send her some new reminders of him… she had hoped for his touch, longed for his lips, but what girl doesn’t love a new bag?  #

Ok so that story went from wartime woe to futuristic eternal love story, but hey, ITS MY WORLD MY IMAGINATION!   The gorgeous new duffle coat I am wearing is from Erratic and it matches the Oly Hat from Glam Affair for Collabor88  just perfectly.   Both are available in an array of colour combos!    My skin is also from Glam Affair and is one of four skins available at C88 also, lovely jewelled makeups with vivid colours, perfect for those of us that like the brighter things in life.  My hair is the new hair from Wasabi Pills and was the PERFECT hair for this story with it;s little curl at the side, it looks bang on with the Glam Affair Oly Hat/headpiece, it’s beauty! The bags are available from HANDverk and are gatcha items!  There are loads to choose from including sweet, friendly, sexy and not so nice, only $L25 a play, are you feeling sweet or sour? Hmm?

.ID. Outlet

As a side note, Insufferable Dastard has now opened an Outlet Store.  Currently there are 5 sets of eyes, all with 3 variations for only $L25.  They are system eyes only, but highly detailed and so cute!  So make sure you check those out.

*SLURLS are available on the Store Locations page, unless otherwise stated.

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