Immerse yourself this Valentines Day

Hi, Happy Valentines Day, may it be full of love if you celebrate it, if not… just have a good Friday and what not!

Happy Heart Day

Prism Furniture has undergone a bit of a rehaul and is now called Immerse and this is one of the pieces from the brand new spankin’ store.   It’s a delightful heart shaped arbor and is ideal for your land whether it be water, land, beach, snow or sun.   It’s jam packed with animations for singletons, couples, friends and family and it’s just gorgeous.  I wasn’t going to blog today but I figured this was the perfect piece for the date and with such stunning detail and only 13 prims, I thought this might be something you guys want to go and buy… either for yourself or a loved one because it’s available in both copy OR transfer versions.  Do make sure you check it out!

Have a wonderful day, one and all ❤

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page ❤