Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week…

.. If only that were true!   I have some pretty mega rust I’d like cleared from this week, but alas… sometimes the rust remains to remind you not to stand out in the rain… or something like that. ANYWAY… new stuffs. woo.

New @ Immerse & Essences

I blogged on Valentines Day that Prism Furniture had now become Immerse, and I am sooo happy to annouce that Lilly does not only make furniture now, she has delved into clothing too!   This gorgeous Eden gown is available now, and a few select colours are just $L60 for the weekend!!   It’s an elegant number with a revealing drop back that shows just a smidge of butt, so hey, you’ll have to go commando!   It’s a really stunning first clothing item from Immerse and I am so looking forward to seeing much much more!

New Hairs @ Truth | Exile

Both Truth and Exile released hairs this week!  Truth released the top two in the collage, Exile the bottom two, as well as the hair in the Immerse picture above.  I don’t know how these boys do it, always releasing such gorgeous hairs is beyond me, my drive and imagination would have run out a long time ago, but it’s great that so many old SL faces are still making such great items!   Both of the Truth hairs are longer styles, with an over the shoulder angle to them, and they fit over my mesh dress just perfectly, which is always good!   Exile has a mix of wavy, swept and updo… so a nice mixture there, all 5 of the hairs are must owns in my opinion, but then I am a girl that likes to own it all!

The Skin I have on is one of the new Essences Thursday skins from TDR Fusion!  It comes with three options, this is the darkest tone of the bunch, so still quite light and it’s absolutely stunning.  I always jaw drop when I see myself in an Essences skin, as they are just soooooo well suited to my face, it all fits and just looks gorgeous, imo.

I haven’t been posting as much as usual, no particular reason like I said a few posts back, trying to do RL stuff more, taking it easy where SL is concerned as I feel at nearly 9yrs SLold, i’m too old for the antics that happen in there now a days, ain’t nobody got time (or sanity) for some of it!  But I do still love to log in and toss lindens around to help with my shopping addiction, and of course I love to dress up all pretty, or decorate my home.. so there is no way, just yet, I am willing to give the blogging up, I’ll just let you younguns take the blogging baton and some of you do it SO well… just keep off my SLawn!

Happy Sunday ❤

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available.

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